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The 10 Best Freestyle & Park Snowboards of 2021-2022 - Men's & Women's

Alright, here’s the thing; everybody needs a park board. You need a park board even if you don’t ride park. You need a park board if your favorite thing is riding pow. You need a park board whether you live on the East Coast, in the Midwest, on the West Coast, in Canada, or further afield. Why? Because they’re FUN! Because the best terrain park snowboards don’t just excel in the park. They pop off side-hits, butter groomers with ease, ride and land switch easily. They’re mid-flexing, lively, technologically advanced snowboards that we’d be happy to strap into any day of the week. If you regularly ride within the bounds of a resort, park snowboards are an invaluable addition to your quiver.

This year we’ve got a list of 10 of the best park snowboards of 2022. 3 Women’s specific offerings and 7 unisex/men’s boards round out this list. There are no newcomers here. All of these brands have been around for some time, and they’ve honed years of R&D, rider and customer input, and technological advancements into these high-performing rides. From the classic Capita Defenders of Awesome to the relatively new K2 Spellcaster, something on this list is bound to hit the spot.

Speaking of spots, while these boards are called “Park Boards” if you are looking to take your riding to the streets, then this is the list you want to choose from. A jib snowboard is designed to slide on steel, ride switch, and take a beating when things don’t go to plan. So whether this is going to be your first park board or your tenth, take stock of what 2022 has to offer, pick your poison, and go land some tricks!

Salomon Huck Knife

Best 2021-2022 freestyle snowboards

What the heck is a Huck Knife anyways? It sounds dangerous! Maybe that’s what you’re looking for though? To walk the razor’s edge between pain and glory!? Or maybe you just want to have a seriously good time on a board made with a wide range of riders in mind. The Salomon Huck Knife has all the attributes you’d expect from a modern-day freestyle snowboard. It’s a true twin shape, with a medium-flexing feel. It’s got an industry-standard Sintered base for speed and wax retention, and even the graphics are pretty straightforward. The Huck Knife has some unique tricks up its sleeve though, how else would it have made the list of best snowboards for park!

First off is the Quad Camber Profile, which is a hybrid profile mixing mostly camber with bits of rocker in the tip and tail, plus it’s built with a blend of different sidecut radiuses for smooth turn initiation. This means the Huck Knife will work great for an experienced rider, but won’t be too aggressive for someone just stepping to park features. The Aspen Select Core uses hand-selected FSC Aspen strips for a light and powerful core. Strategically thinned out areas in the core reduce weight and increase pop as well.

Salomon finishes off this board with a Freestyle Edge Bevel so you don’t have to go to town with your Dad’s new set of metal files. For those looking for a board that cuts to the chase, the Salomon Huck Knife should be your utensil of choice!

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Ride Twinpig - Unisex

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

We’ve heard of Powder Pigs, but what about Park Pigs? If you can’t get enough of the park and are interested in ripping a super interesting board this year, the Ride Twinpig Snowboard is going to be perfect for you. The wildly popular Pig series of boards from Ride has been expanding and refining ever since the introduction of the legendary Warpig. Taking the short/wide style of snowboards and running with it, Ride has a whole line of Pig-style boards for your choosing.

We’re really excited about the Twinpig because it’s truly a unique ride that doesn’t sacrifice traditional performance. It’s meant to be ridden 3-6cm shorter than your standard park board, as it has a significantly wider waist width than most other park-specific shapes. This does a few things. First, the board just feels quick and playful underfoot. It also means bigger-footed riders can now ride a shorter park board than they’ve ever been able to. Since this is a true twin, Ride was able to add in asymmetrical sidecuts, meaning your heelside turns will initiate better and hold stronger. A hybrid rocker/camber profile and a forgiving flex mean you can go to town on rails, boxes, and next-level butters.

The Twinpig also has beefed-up steel edges for max durability, and a stone ground sintered base for speed when you need it. If you are looking for something a bit different this year in the park, or if you want a forgiving but high-performance introduction to this style of board, the Ride Twinpig Snowboard is going to make you hungry for more terrain park in 2022!

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K2 Spellcaster - Women's

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

We gotta admit, we are quite smitten with the 2022 K2 Spellcaster Snowboard, and we’re pretty sure we haven’t been hypnotized to say that by the wildly cool graphics either. Seriously though, look at this thing. Baby blue background with a rose morphing into a snake?! and that throwback K2 base graphic? The Spellcaster looks as dope as it rides!

What we’ve got here is a classic jibbing snowboard with some updated features for these technological times. A true twin shape with a centered stance sits atop a hybrid camber-rocker profile. The women’s specific Rhythm core is enhanced by the Carbon Darkweb, which adds torsional strength, pop, and edge-to-edge response. The Spellcaster strikes a balance on flex, coming in at a 5 out of 10 on the K2 scale. Rounded off with a Sintered 4000 base for max wax retention and max speed, this thing can be your flying broomstick as you lay blistering trails downhill from open to close!

The K2 Spellcaster is the perfect board for that lady park rider who also wants a literal work of art attached to her feet. This board will excel in the park, on groomers and side hits, and in the streets. We wouldn’t want to grab it on a super deep day or if we were heading for steep natural terrain, but hey, you gotta have a specific tool for a specific job! Cast a spell on your park riding this year, pick up a Spellcaster!

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CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

Another year, another CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome to go destroy your local hill on. We’re not complaining either. There's a reason this board continues to be a favorite of park riders the world over and one of the best freestyle snowboards ever made. Coming in at just under 500 clams, and in a huge range of sizes, the DoA is going to be the perfect board for anyone wanting to up their park skills.

As is standard in the park realm the D.O.A. is a true twin, meaning it’s totally symmetrical in shape, flex, and stance position. It’s got camber between the feet, flat spots under them, reverse camber just outside the bindings, and CAPiTA’s Wha-Pow! Flat Kick Tech in the tip and tail. Sounds complicated, but this just means it turns well, pops high, and even floats a bit if you happen to take it in soft snow. This board has a massive list of tech features, so we’ll just hit on a few. New this year is the Dual Blaster V2 Core, made of Poplar and Paulownia, with carbon and kevlar thrown in for good measure. It’s lighter than previous models while maintaining pop and stiffness.

We think the CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome snowboard is going to be perfect for the seasoned park rider who wants a mid-flexing, versatile ride to hit jumps, rails, and rip groomers. That being said, we encourage those just starting in the freestyle realm to hop aboard as well! It’s truly an approachable snowboard for anyone who wants to take a shot at defending their own brand of awesome!

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CAPiTA Birds of a Feather - Women's

Best 2021-2022 womens park snowboards

We all know that Birds of a Feather flock together, but remember, they’re birds, so they also fly together! You’ll be doing just that aboard the 2022 CAPiTA Birds of a Feather Snowboard. If you’re looking to take your park and all-mountain riding to new heights, you’re gonna wanna strap your feet to this stick and take flight. Let’s take a look at what makes this board stand out against the competition.

We’re really excited about the Birds of a Feather because it does so much so well. Barring powder-focused AK and Japan trips, this board truly can be a one-board quiver. It’s got a lively but medium flex profile due to the Dual Blaster V2 Core made up of Poplar and Paulownia. Carbon Fiber Boosters and Kevlar Bound Sidewalls add a liveliness underfoot that feels freaking electric. CAPiTA’s complex Resort V1 camber profile has camber, rocker, flat areas, and Whah-Pow Flat Kick Technology. That sounds crazy, but it just feels smooth and powerful when you’re riding it. As usual with CAPiTA, there is a slew of crazy tech features, and we don’t have room here to list them all here.

Once again we want to mention CAPiTA’s commitment to the environment by controlling their entire production process at their factory in Austria, The Mothership. Look into it, we promise you’ll be inspired! The Birds of a Feather is going to be perfect for that park-charger who likes to make the whole hill their playground and wants to support an environmentally conscious brand like CAPiTA. Be the leader of your flock in 2022 with one of the best women’s park snowboards!

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Bataleon Evil Twin

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

We are pretty sure this board gets its namesake from the person you turn into after you ride it for the first time. The Bataleon Evil Twin Snowboard is a super-high-end, true-twin, freestyle machine, and your buddies won’t recognize you after destroying the park like someone they’ve never seen! Though the Evil Twin is indeed high-end, it has some special features that make it approachable not just for experienced riders, but for those looking to hit their first park jumps or rail features as well!

Bataleon is famous for its Triple Base technology, so we should start there. Essentially, Bataleon combines a tip-to-tail true camber profile with a 3-plane convex base shape. This means you get the catch-free playful feel of a rocker board with the pop and turning abilities of a camber board. It’s a unique feel, but Bataleon has many faithful followers because of this unique feature. This board specifically has a medium-flexing and lively Paulownia, Poplar, and carbon core. Triax Fiberglass and Carbon Stringers round out the ride for maximum pop and added torsional response.

We think the Evil Twin could suit a wide range of riders. If you are already familiar with these boards, then this is a tried and true model that you know is going to perform exceptionally well. This board could also be perfect for a beginner or intermediate rider looking to get into park riding, but who might be wary of an aggressive full camber board. Go ahead and channel your dark side, grab a Bataleon Evil Twin and surprise yourself in the park this year!

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Burton Rewind - Women's

Best 2021-2022 womens freestyle snowboards

“Hold up, play that back!” At least that’s what your friends will be saying when you show them your footage from riding the Burton Rewind Snowboard! A true park and street destroyer that can also hold its own on high-speed early-morning groomer missions, this board will be your go-to on more days than not.

The Burton Rewind has some classic features, and some futuristic ones as well. Its foundation is a true twin shape, with more camber than rocker underfoot. The Super Fly 800G Core is light and forgiving without entering total noodle territory. Burton’s Infinite Ride tech helps here too, pre-breaking in the board so it changes less throughout its useful life. The Squeezebox Low core profile responds when you need it paired with an uncommonly smooth and flexible ride. The Off-Axis Frostbite edges protrude just a bit from the sidewalls for extra grip, and the high-end sintered base means you won’t be left behind when your buds want to explore the rest of the hill.

The Burton Rewind is going to help you progress your park riding by providing high-end response in an approachable, beginner/intermediate-friendly package. It’s time to start your park career over in 2022 on the Burton Rewind Snowboard! It’s time to start your park career over in 2022 on the Burton Rewind Snowboard! It’s time to start...

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Yes. Greats Uninc

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

The asym trend continues on this performance-focused Yes. board. Coming in at a slightly higher price point than the rest of the list, this men’s park snowboard is packed to the brim with next-level tech. It’s definitely a park board but is going to be at home all across the mountain as well. The Yes Greats Uninc has a ton to offer the aggressive, freestyle-oriented rider in 2022.

First the nuts and bolts. A centered stance, medium-stiff flex, and symmetrical shape from tip to tail place this board squarely in the freestyle category. It has a noticeable asymmetrical edge-to-edge shape, shortening the radius on your heelside for tighter turning and easier carve initiation. Camber between the feet and rocker in the tips means this board might excel in pow as well if you are so inclined. Yes.’s exclusive Mid-Bite tech narrows the waist width between your feet for quick edge to edge response. Finish it off with a Sintered True base and you’ve got a park and all-terrain killing machine.

Yes. Greats Uninc snowboard combines new-world tech with trusted fundamentals to make a really unique offering for 2022. We think this board would be perfect for park-focused riders who also want to rip the whole resort. The slightly stiffer flex will also benefit riders looking to ride bigger park features and push their riding to a new level!

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Burton Kilroy Twin

Best 2021-2022 park snowboards

Continuing a trend for Burton this year, the Kilroy Twin Snowboard has a high-end and clean aesthetic. It gets straight to the point with a classic outline, true camber from tip to tail, and a medium-soft flex profile. Its affordable price is perfect for riders looking to just start experimenting in the park, or those who go hard and know they’ll need a new sled next season regardless!

If you’re looking to ride lots of boxes and rails take note; true camber is predictable on in-runs and has great natural pop. The super blunted nose on the Kilroy extends your effective edge a bit so you may be able to size down if you are so inclined, and the softer flex means you can crank presses to the moon! Before you get wary of that flex profile, remember that Burton’s Infinite Ride tech means boards are overbuilt and then pre-broken-in so they change less over their useful life. The Super Fly 800G Core is a light and lively dual-species wood core, overlaid with forgiving biaxial fiberglass.

If the tech isn’t enough to sell you, just take a step back and LOOK at this thing again! It could hang on a freaking gallery wall. Instead, people will have to view the base graphic from below you, as you boost over them off every feature at your local hill. Put your mark on the park with one of the best park boards, the Burton Kilroy is here!

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Nitro Optisym

Best 2021-2022 freestyle snowboards

You hear it again and again, you don’t snowboard symmetrically. The mechanics, body positioning, and forces involved are different on your heelside versus your toeside edge. Yet the vast majority of snowboards are still symmetrical from edge to edge. So why would the best freestyle snowboard follow the same old convention? The Nitro Optisym Snowboard is here to tip the asymmetrical scales just a bit more in the right direction!

The Optisym is, at its core, a true twin freestyle board. It’s got a 5 out of 10 on the flex scale, a centered stance, and classic camber with just a touch of that bite taken off near the tips. It’s categorized as a mid-wide, so less heel and toe drag for big-booted riders is a plus in our book. The asymmetrical bit comes in when we look at the core. The heelside side of the board, in addition to having a tighter sidecut radius, features the all-new Powerwall tech. This is extra polyurethane on the heelside edge of the core, which increases durability and increases response when turning. It’s subtle but effective.

Finally, the Optisym features a super-durable extruded base. Extruded bases aren’t as fast as sintered, but they make total sense on a board that’s meant for park laps and street missions. Upping the durability quotient is the Rail Killer Edges, which boast a 200% improvement in impact resistance when compared to a standard edge. The Nitro Optisym is going to be perfect for that rider who wants to butter around the whole hill, or someone who is generally really hard on their jibbing board in the park or the streets.

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