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Audio Snowboard Helmets & Helmets With Speakers

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About Audio Snowboard Helmets at evo:

Snowboarders used to have to choose between rocking out to tunes with their headphones, or protecting their head with a snowboard helmet. Well, why not have both? Audio snowboard helmets, or snowboard helmets with built in speakers, allow you to listen to music and snowboard safely at the same time. By integrating the headphones into the earflaps of the hemelt, there’s no sacrifice in comfort compared to a normal snowboard helmet, and it sure beats shoving earbuds under your existing helmet. Modern designs offer both Bluetooth wireless options for use with a smartphone as well traditional wired auxiliary inputs.

Helmets are an essential piece of snowboarding gear, and we recommend that every snowboarder wear one every time they go out on the mountain. No matter how good of a rider you are, falls happen. Audio snowboard helmets are a great way to eliminate arguments against wearing a helmet. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a child, or a loved one, audio snowboard helmets make snowboard helmets a no brainer.

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