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The 10 Best Splitboards of 2021-2022

Splitboarding is becoming more and more popular around the globe, with the sport gaining popularity every year. Splitboarding often appeals to individuals who enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and climbing mountains. It allows them to combine all of these activities in search of the freshest of turns.

In the past few years, splitboarding has taken the backcountry scene by storm, and we're not surprised why. The great thing about splitboarding is that it has an endless variety of terrain and snow types to explore, but the frustrating thing is that you’ve got to deal with all of those variables. That means selecting the right gear to deal with your specific riding style, snow conditions, terrain, and snowpacks. With so many different combinations to think about, it helps to know what you’re looking for before you start shopping for a splitboard and there’s a model to suit every type of rider. Whether you’re an advanced backcountry adventurer or just starting out, there’s a model to suit all skill levels and needs.

The right snowboard splitboard has the ability to change your snowboarding experience for the better. We’ve put together a list of what we think are the 10 best splitboards of 2022. We’re splitboarders ourselves, and love nothing more than getting out on the snow with the freshest gear. As such, we’re always in search of the best splitboards to take on the next backcountry trip. Whether you’re interested in big mountain powder riding or a laid-back tour, there are many options available for you!

Salomon Super 8

Best 2021-2022 all splitboards

The Super 8 Splitboard from Salomon is a high-end splitboard, designed to offer exceptional performance in all types of terrain. The board features Backseat Camber for a balanced and responsive feel, providing all mountain versatility and making riding in different conditions simple. Its Tapered Directional shape provides greater tip float for variable snow conditions and light touring. Its Quadratic Sidecut features a consistently blended sidecut along the length of each board with no abrupt transitions between the heel and toe side lengths, offering a balanced ride with increased stability and edge control. The Ghost Green Core is made from sustainable wood fibers with a slightly firmer flex pattern for a smoother ride and a more responsive feel when turning an edge.

For riders who want to tackle the entire mountain, the Super 8 Splitboard is an all-around backcountry weapon. This board carves like a powder board while still maintaining that playful, surfy feel that makes it so versatile on the ascent. With an All Mountain Edge Bevel and Fine Stone Finish, this baby rips! It even comes with custom POMOCA skins to make sure you’re riding in no time!

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Includes Custom POMOCA SkinsRocker/Camber/Rocker$799.95

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Jones Solution

The best 2021-2022 splitboards

The Jones Solution Splitboard is one of the world's best splitboards, period. This super-versatile, all-mountain tool delivers on-snow confidence and performance that will blow you away. It's also one of the more serious splitboards ever built for the purpose of riding steep lines, powder off-piste, and icy tree runs. Built with an innovative blend of materials that includes sustainable flax stringers and recycled edges, this splitboard features a directional rocker design that gives you the float you need in deep snow or powder to make riding steep lines super fun.

With its FSC™ Ultra Split Core, custom 3D Contour Base 3.0 for a smooth edge to edge transitions, Directional Rocker for effortless float in powder or hardpack snow, and a Blunt Nose to reduce swing weight – all coming together to create one cohesive unit – this Jones splitboard is one of a kind. Constructed from sustainable materials, your purchase will also help to empower the next generation of environmental stewards.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
3D Contour Base 3.0Rocker/Camber/Rocker$899.95

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Season Pass - Unisex

The best 2021-2022 splitboards

Season Eqpt. is proud to announce the Pass Splitboard. Designed by Austin Smith, this is a splitboard for everyone and everything. With its progressive shape, it's one of the best all-around splitboards on the market. Featuring a biaxial fiberglass construction, the Pass is lightweight and poppy while still being able to handle any terrain you can throw at it. Its medium flex is the best of both worlds; mellow enough for comfort on hard terrain, stiff enough to power through powder.

A unique blend of Paulownia and Poplar wood gives this snowboard an incredibly light feel with a snappy catchy response that makes it great for freeriding, but it’s not too radical to be your everyday commuter either. The generous nose keeps your weight centered over your feet for better control and playfulness. And the camber under the feet gives you climbing power and stability on descent. You'll ride faster and longer than other boards because it's so light and nimble, yet the dampening core will provide a stable ride over anything: powder, ice, chop. If you want to splitboard hard and fast then this is your board.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Includes Pre-Cut Climbing SkinsRocker/Camber/Rocker$950

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Lib Tech T.Rice Orca

The best splitboards of 2022

Travis Rice’s signature board, the Orca is the most fun you’ve ever had. Now offered in backcountry form, the T.Rice Orca Splitboard is Lib Tech's new performance-based splitboard in the line. Built with a full C2X profile and stiff flex for riding hard and fast in deep powder and in and out of turns, the Orca features a volume-shifted directional shape which allows you to ride a smaller and more maneuverable length than you normally would. With its 1.5" setback stance, the Orca is built to catch an edge when you want it to without catching it when you don't.

It takes all the float of a powder board with none of the hassle for surfy, playful days in the backcountry. The directional twin profile gives it unmatched float in deep snow while still letting you slash and rip on hard conditions. The Orca will make you grin ear to ear when it gets deep making you the envy of your next touring party.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Volume-Shifted ShapeCamber/Rocker/Camber$999.99

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Cardiff Goat Enduro - Unisex

The best 2021-2022 splitboards

Cardiff Snowcraft is a newer brand of snowboards, originating from the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. One of their most beloved and versatile splitboards that turns the mountains into your playground. is called the Goat Enduro. With the Goat Enduro, Cardiff is setting new standards. It holds an edge on hard snow when you need it, but is still able to float well in powder. The construction of this board consists of a full wood core with carbon layers added for increased stiffness and durability.

It has the perfect balance of function, performance, and durability without compromising weight. With half camber underfoot, a directional shape, and a stiff flex, the Goat Enduro Splitboard is at home riding away from the lift and ready for anything you can throw at it in the backcountry. The RACEbase™ provides maximized glide while the SHRredges™ 2.0 gives maximum durability and precise control. The Cardiff Goat Splitboard is engineered to be your best splitboard for days when the mountain proves to be more than you bargained for.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Wood & Carbon Fiber CoreRocker/Camber/Rocker$900

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Arbor Coda Rocker

The best 2021-2022 splitboards

Arbor's Coda Splitboard is one of their most versatile touring snowboards yet. The splitboard that defies the status quo, the Coda is for riders who want to go faster, not slower. You'll be amazed at this board's ability to handle everything you put in its path—from steep pitches to powder-filled chutes, to crud-filled rock gardens. Loaded with Arbor's exclusive System Rocker™ and a host of other premium features, the Coda will quickly become your go-to splitboard for all your adventures in the backcountry.

The System Rocker provides better float in soft snow, superior traction in variable conditions, and unmatched all-mountain versatility. The Highland Split Core combines with Carbon Uprights result in ridiculously lightweight yet durable construction.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Karakoram UltraClipsRocker$779.99

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Arbor Swoon Rocker - Women's

Best 2022 womens splitboards

Arbor's Swoon is one of the world's best women's splitboard because it blends all the best qualities of a women's specific touring board into one design. This approach to building the perfect touring board makes the Swoon a versatile, go anywhere, do anything kind of ride. Featuring Arbor’s system rocker in a directional shape and a splitboard in powder slaying performance in mind, this board will make you feel comfortable in powder, on firm snow, and everything in between. It has everything you need to progress your backcountry skills and go further than ever before.

The Arbor Swoon is an all-mountain powerhouse that excels in varied conditions, with a split personality that can take you anywhere on the mountain. When it's hard and deep, rip corduroy with confidence on its stable platform. When things get loose and soft, you'll float over the pow through the system rocker's natural surf feel. And when things get steep and icy, you'll power up for extra confident control on its grippy steel edges. The Swoon is best suited to light splitting but is still plenty stout enough to handle any type of terrain imaginable.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Griptech edgesRocker$699.99

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Jones Dream Catcher - Women's

The best 2021-2022 women's splitboards

The Jones Women’s Dream Catcher Splitboard is designed specifically for women and will change the way you think about splitboarding. The lightweight, bio-plastic topsheet and FSC wood core offer a medium-flexing, responsive ride that is easy to turn and forgiving when you catch your edge. With its directional rocker and ForeverFlex technology for a lifetime of stable flex, this board carves like a dream in all conditions.

An all-around splitboard built for exploring the wildest lines on the mountain, the Dream Catcher Splitboard is an innovative, boundary-breaking board designed to take you deep into the backcountry. The progressive sidecut means the Dream Catcher caters to a wide range of riding styles and ability levels. A medium flex and Jones’ proven Directional Rocker profile guarantee that it will be just as fun for touring up as it will be for shredding fresh powder on untracked lines. Jones’s Inside and Outside Traction Tech 2.0 edges also ensure that no matter how hard you ride this split, it won’t let you down and can maintain an edge with confidence.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Inside and Outside Traction Tech 2.0Rocker/Camber/Rocker$749.95

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Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero - Unisex

The best 2021-2022 splitboards

Burton Snowboards wanted to bring the dream of riding backcountry powder to life. The Family Tree Hometown Hero Splitboard is a true reflection of Burton's roots in snowboarding and a snowboard for the adventurer in all of us. A directional camber board balanced for freeride with easy turn initiation and snappy rebound, this splitboard will take you on the climb and on the descent. The directional flex pattern gives it a snappy rebound, while the 12 mm taper gives it that stable forgiveness that makes it so much fun to ride. The FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Split Core ensures that you are riding on only the best materials out there. It's made out of some of the most eco-friendly materials out there too!

The Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Splitboard is the one board that delivers no matter where you want to ride. You'll find it equally at home in tight trees, small steeps, open bowls, or sending frozen pillows. The Directional Camber floats through chunder like an Indy car, while the Directional Flex ensures it still has enough pop for your backcountry booters. The Pro-Tip™ design helps to reduce swing weight so you never have to worry about being bogged down when hiking back up the hill. Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Splitboard is made for freeriders who want to explore new terrain and fill their days with adventure.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
45° Carbon Highlights LaminatesRocker/Camber$849.95

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Salomon Bellevue - Women's

The best 2021-2022 women's splitboards

The Bellevue is a women’s specific splitboard built on Salomon’s industry-leading design technologies and makes no compromises. Its fine stone finish and aspen select core pair for ultimate ride performance. The Bellevue has a rocket science profile for added stability while the tapered directional shape and backseat camber translate to one ripping board in deep conditions.

The split includes POMOCA skins so there is one less thing to worry about. The Bellevue is the quintessential all-mountain board for the woman who likes to explore. A friendly flex makes it easy to negotiate cliff bands and narrow chutes, while camber underfoot ensures stability on harder runs. It’s the perfect choice for your first days on a splitboard or your years of winter adventures with friends.

FeaturesRocker Original Price
Includes Custom POMOCA SkinsRocker/Camber/Rocker$799.95

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