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The 10 Best Women's Snowboards of 2022-2023

By: Brittany Mellander: Assistant Snowboard Buyer | September 28, 2022


It’s that time of year when you need to start thinking about a new snowboard purchase. Whether it is your first board or fifth board, we have you covered with the best women’s snowboards of 2023. From Magne-Traction to Grip-Tech, Directional to Twin, or Camber to Rocker, dialing in the perfect options to cater to your riding style will complete the quiver and maximize your days on hill. Traditional camber provides you with the most stability with four main contact points and will be slightly less forgiving when you catch an edge. Rocker provides the most forgiving for slower speeds and playful turns, thanks to contact points that are lifted, preventing you from catching an edge but making it harder to hold an edge.

New This Year:

By using hybrid technology, all the top snowboard companies are creating women's snowboard profiles that combine the best benefits of each style, at all the correct points of contact, allowing for excelled performance all over the mountain, no matter your riding style.

True Twin

Jones Twin Sister

When wisecrackers inevitably ask if your board is the evil twin (yawn), you can say "hell naw!". The Jones Twin Sister Snowboard is the super fun and playful one that knows how to have a blast no matter what the day throws at you. As the most freestyle-oriented board in Jones' lineup, it's the perfect ride for side hit jibbing, switch riding gals who love to take the most creative line down the mountain. With its catch-free 3D base, stiff CamRock flex, and sick shape, it's an all-around freestyle killer.

The ultimate board for all around fun on any terrain, there is rocker in the nose and the tail to keep you afloat in any kind of snow. Positive camber under feet allows you to hold an edge at high speeds.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Camber/Rocker7/10True Twin$549.95

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CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard - Women's 2023

CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy

If your day takes in just about everything the mountain has to offer with park laps sprinkled liberally throughout, the CAPiTA Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard should be on your list. With its true twin, medium-flexing, rocker-flat-rocker construction, it's just plain hard to beat. Whether you're carving cord, ripping in and out of the park, or have your eyes set on secret pow stashes, the Space Metal Fantasy delivers the most fun this side of Neptune.

The Space Metal Fantasy from CAPiTA is Mothership made with 100% clean energy so you can confidently tear up the mountain at any level of riding while knowing that you are helping to support our planet.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Flat/Rocker4/10True Twin$429.95

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Burton Yeasayer Snowboard - Women's 2023

Burton Yeasayer

Say yes to fresh snow. Say yes to frosty mornings, early wake-up calls, and full-throated carpool karaoke singalongs on the way to the way to go shred your heart out. The Burton Yeasayer Snowboard encompasses that positive, down-for-anything attitude in a mellow all-mountain board that's up for anything. The Yeasayer isn't some crazy, demanding deck that requires full throttle charging every time you step on it - this version comes with Burton's easygoing Flat Top™ rocker profile for catch-free fun, and a soft, forgiving flex that allows your riding to take center stage. Anywhere you ask it to go, and anything you ask it to do, the answer is always a cheery "Heck yeah!"

If you like more under-board-feel, The Channel® Board Mount system helps provide security and a more natural board flex underfoot. This softer flexing ride provides all the stability needed for an effortless day.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Rocker/Flat/Rocker2-5/10True Twin$499.95

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Never Summer Lady FR Snowboard - Women's 2023

Never Summer Lady FR

Freeride? Check. Directional? Check. Stiff and powerful for the hard rippers? Double check. The Never Summer Proto FR Snowboard is constructed with triple camber for speed, power, and supreme versatility. This original triple camber board features a WooBoo wood and bamboo core for a transformative ride that isn't afraid to dig in and get it.

When you want a powerful board with a setback stance, the Never Summer Lady FR is designed to keep your riding catch-free at the edges with their Vario Power Grip Sidecut.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Nitro Drop Snowboard - Women's 2023

Nitro Drop

The Nitro Drop Snowboard is a smooth-riding directional board for riders that don't need to get lost in quiver choice paralysis every weekend. This is daily driver material: a board that excels in deep snow, but also kills it on groomers and in the park. Its radial sidecut is as predictable as the sunrise, its base is fast as they come, and it's pretty darn pleasing to the eye. In other words: dependable, capable, and stylish - just like you. How uncanny.

The Drop is exactly what you are looking for when you want an all-mountain traditional camber snowboard. The Cam Out Camber provides extra grip and easy transitions from edge to edge.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Jones Stratos Snowboard - Women's 2023

Jones Stratos

Driving to the mountain with an uncertain forecast? The Jones Stratos Snowboard is the easy answer. A directional rocker profile with just the right amount of camber underfoot provides pop, power, and grip on firm snow, while 3D Contour Base shaping makes for dreamy transitions to softer stuff. A tight sidecut and friendly flex give this board a playful feel so you can carve, drop, and bounce around the mountain to your heart's content.

When you want it all, a Directional Rocker snowboard maximizes performance without sacrificing efficiency. The Stratos is the perfect women’s board to charge the deepest and most variable conditions, with quick-turning transitions, thanks to a tapered tail.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Roxy XOXO C3 Snowboard - Women's 2023

Roxy XOXO C3

The Roxy XOXO C3 Snowboard is a playful freestyle board with enough sass to keep things interesting when you explore outside the terrain park. A newly updated Light Hearted Core is paired with Roxy's poppy C3 camber profile and grippy Magne-Traction® edges for dependable carves in a wide array of snow conditions, allowing you to leave your mark on the mountain no matter what. See you on the hill, XOXO!

Made in the US at Mervin, the Roxy XOXO is constructed with Rocker in the center and Camber under feet. This is no beginner board and should only be ridden by the most skilled and aggressive ladies.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberMediumTrue Twin$499.99

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Ride Psychocandy Snowboard 2023

Ride Psychocandy

Based on the insanely popular Warpig model, the Ride Psychocandy Snowboard brings the same all-mountain, volume-shifted excellence to a narrower platform, with smaller sizes available for riders who can't find the right fit with the OG Pig. In addition to its inclusive size range, the Psychocandy also has a slightly more tapered tip and cutout tail, adding easy pivoting in powder and even more playful riding through slush and groomers. It's insanely fun in any conditions and especially sweet on the feet of a jib-happy all mountain rider with a flair for speed.

One of the bestselling women’s directional boards, Ride’s Psychocandy gives you the freedom to ride at any time of the year while supplying fun with a Wmns Performance core featuring lightweight Paulownia wood stringers and high-strength Aspen.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Lib Tech Glider BTX Snowboard - Women's 2023

Lib Tech Glider BTX

The Lib Tech Glider BTX Snowboard leverages the awesome edge hold of Magne-Traction and the unmatched pivotability of Original Banana rocker to make an easy riding all-mountain freestyle board with point-in-shoot intuitive style. This board carves extremely well on groomers, slashes any type of turn you want to make, floats in soft snow, and plays well in the park. If you're looking for one board to aid in all areas of progression, the Glider will make it all smooth sailing.

The Glider BTX is a great choice for a beginner rider, as well as someone that is looking to add an easy, soft flexing board into their collection.

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price
Camber/Rocker/CamberSoft-MediumTrue Twin$549.99

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Arbor Veda Camber Snowboard - Women's 2023

Arbor Veda Camber

The Arbor Veda Camber Snowboard is an absolute ripper. This directional big mountain board was shaped by Marie-France Roy, and it's her ride of choice for lines of high consequence. It has a slightly tapered, setback shape that floats well in deeper snow, as well as long lines, a sturdy flex, and a full camber profile that generates plenty of power and response when you need it most. To finish it off, the board is made with Arbor's signature commitment to sustainability, featuring a plastic-free topsheet that highlights the beautiful and unique woodgrain patterns of the Cedar Powerply. Reliability is what you can expect from a traditional camber board like the Veda. This board also features Grip Tech, which extends contact points on the toes and the heels for better grip when transitioning into turns.

Stevi, Allocation Analyst: "The Veda is a fun and functional all mountain machine. If you are hoping to progress in the backcountry, or just make epic power laps and hard carving turns at the resort, the Veda will keep you feeling strong and secure in a range of conditions."

Read Arbor Veda In-Depth Review

RockerFlexShapeOriginal Price

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Brittany Mellander

Hey everyone I’m the Assistant Snowboard Buyer here at evo! Like many in the industry, I've always been active. Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, skating and surfing were a part of my life, so when I picked a snow sport at the age of 8, snowboarding was a no-brainer! I always enjoyed boarding but really found my passion for it in college where I joined the ski & snowboard club spending most weekends and holidays going up to Big Bear and MT High. After college, I enjoyed the ski bum life for a year in Mammoth as a lift operator before an injury cut my time there short. Shortly after, I found myself with the opportunity to move up to Washington to be closer to the mountains and nature.

About 7 years ago when I first moved up here I knew with my background that working in a ski and snowboard shop was the right move. I was a snowboard sales associate at a shop for about 3 years before joining the evo Seattle store. There I helped train snowboard department new hires and honed my bootfitting skills. I most recently joined the snowboard buying team last October and love that I’ve landed a career in snowboarding and still have the opportunity to get plenty of days on the hill!