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Holiday River Expeditions

Holiday River Expeditions brings over 50 years of experience in perfecting the best way to raft whitewater rivers and pedal mountain bikes. Their guides are efficient, organized, and uniquely capable to handle whatever happens on each adventure so the quality of your comfort and care is always consistent. This ethos has allowed Holiday River Expeditions to take guests places they never thought possible.

Holiday River Expeditions has methodically grown its Utah river rafting trips operation with quality staff and gear to all of the best escapes across the Colorado Plateau and beyond; from the unbridled Yampa River, to the reliable Green River; from thunderous whitewater chasms along Colorado River tours to breathtaking scenery on the San Juan River. Likewise their bike operation followed suit and now tracks across the best routes in the greater Moab mountain biking landscape shifting from lower to higher intensity rides. These diverse trip options mean unforgettable Utah white water rafting trips and mountain biking experiences.