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2021 - 2022 Winter Ski Gear Preview

While this was certainly one crazy year, ski brands did their best to keep the innovations coming, developing a whole host of great new skis and boots for their 2022 lineups. Brands are so excited about these new products that we're getting a sneak peek at some of the gear hitting shelves in the Summer and Fall, as well as some early releases this Spring. Those in search of the best skis for their preferences will be quite pleased with the wide range of offerings this season.

What trends are we looking at for this new crop of 2021-2022 skis? All mountain shapes continue to see refinement from many top brands - there are tons of fun options for all types of skiers, and no longer are 85-99mm skis damp and dull. We're seeing a great group of skis emerging in the 110mm width neighborhood. Wide enough for all but the deepest days and versatile enough to be a daily driver for many, we love these skis.

2022 Armada Skis

2022 Armada Skis
Armada has always stoked the fire of creativity in ski design, and this coming year is no exception. Building off the success of the Declivity Line, Armada continues their makeover of their all mountain lineups with the introduction of the Reliance series, their new all-mountain rippers for women. This lineup features 5 models, from the 102 Ti to the 82 Ca. Ski shapes scale for usage, and feature Titanal Banding and Woven Carbon mesh in Ti models. The Declivity 88 Ca is also being added to the Declivity lineup, as is the new Declivity 108 Ti, a blend of the Declivity X and the 102 Ti.

Armada isn’t stopping there, with a new ARW 106 UL making it’s debut for ladies. A lightweight carbua wood core replaces the traditional poplar for a super fun, poppy, and playful freeride twin. The ARW 86 and ARV 86 also get upgraded from cap sidewalls and full camber to AR50 sidewalls and a bit of rocker for improved all mountain performance.

Across the board, fresh graphics will make their appearance for Tracer, Trace (now with more size options), ARV, JJ UL, Whitewalker, Stranger, and all Signature Series skis.
  • New Reliance Women’s All Mountain Skis
  • New Declivity 88 and 108 Ti
  • New ARV 106 UL
  • Updated ARV/ARW 86
  • Updated Trace/Tracer Line
  • Updated Graphics for ARV, JJ UL, Whitewalker, Stranger, & Signature Series

2022 Atomic Skis, Boots & Bindings

2022 Atomic Skis

After a relatively quiet couple of years, Atomic launch into 2022 with significant updates to their resort focused lineup. The Vantage line is retired and replaced by a brand new family of all mountain rippers - Maverick and Maven. The new skis feature frontside friendly waist widths ranging from 83mm to 100mm, with a Titanal layer included at the wider end of the spectrum for added stability and muscle. The early reports from on-snow demos have been extremely positive, noting that the class of ‘22 offers greater power, predictability, and precision than the Vantages. Elsewhere, Atomic upgrade the Redster line with new Revoshock vibration damping technology derived from their World Cup racing skis. Gate bashers rejoice!

On the boot side, the much-loved Hawx Ultras are back with a new design that offers an easier step in / step out experience, and Atomic introduce a stunning new Mimic Professional liner to their top-shelf Redster and Hawx boots, dubbed the 'Atomic Professional Series'. Offered in Hawx Ultra and Hawx Prime 130 / 115 W Professional models, this liner brings world class race technology to the world of freeride, incorporating foam injected fit technology and a variable volume V3 tongue system. For backcountry enthusiasts there are new carbon loaded versions of the lightweight Backland boot, while several new Hawx XTD models at lower flex ratings promise touring fun for the whole family. 

  • New Maverick / Maven skis
  • New Hawx Ultra boots
  • New Mimic Professional boot liners - offered in Atomic Professional Series boots
  • New Carbon Backland touring boots

2022 Black Crows Skis

Don’t worry folks, Black Crows are keeping the band together and all of the favorites return to the 2022 lineup. We get some exciting new options added to the family as well. Joining the flock are four new models, spread across the all mountain and touring categories.

Starting on-piste, we have the new Black Crows Mirus Cor - a fun and funky shape. A split swallow tail and long rocker lines are the characteristics here, making for an interesting new addition to the “fun carver” category. Next, the all mountain Serpo. Camber, tip rocker, slight tail rocker, metal, and a 20m radius go with the 93mm waist width for a great all-around ride. For the ultralight backcountry folks, there’s the 2022 Mentis Freebird. Built to suit ultralight pursuits, but still retain great skiability, the Mentis comes in at 80mm underfoot and a  featherweight 1000g. Finally, the women’s-focused Birdie lineup gets a new member in the Divus Birdie. Modeled after the Orb, these 82mm wide skis are designed for fun and energetic all mountain riding. Take it with the old classics, and Black Crows has a compelling lineup for all types of skiers!

  • New Mirus Cor - split tail, piste-focused fun carver
  • New Serpo - 93mm waist, 20m radius, metal layup
  • New Mentis Freebird - lightweight touring, 80mm, 1,000g
  • New Divus Birdie - modeled after Orb, 82mm, lively & fun

2022 Blizzard Skis

2022 Blizzard Skis

The big news from Blizzard for this year is an all new frontside collection called Thunderbird and Phoenix. With waist widths in the mid 70 millimeters, TruBlend piste wood cores, and Active armor, these hard snow skis live to carve, but don’t require the absolute precision and power of the Firebird series. The women's Phoenix series features Blizzard's Women's Specific Design methodology of women's specific mount points, molds and TruBlend cores.
In their all-mountain collection, the popular all-mountain Brahma 82 and Black Pearl 82 now feature the TruBlend woodcore for an even smoother, more balanced ride.

  • New Thunderbird & Phoenix Frontside Collection with TruBlend Cores
  • Updated Brahma 82 & Black Pearl 82 with TruBlend

2022 Dalbello Ski Boots

Dalbello build on the success of last year's excellent Quantum Asolo boots by expanding their lightweight touring options for 2022. The new Quantum Free 130, 110, and 105 W boots offer a somewhat burlier feel than the Asolos, replacing the cord and BOA closure with buckles for improved downhill performance. Weighing in right around the 1250g mark, they’re an exciting option for gram conscious backcountry skiers who don’t want to compromise too much on the descent. If that’s still unconscionably heavy for you, the Quantum Lite may be more your style. This featherweight marvel tips the scales at a scarcely believable 860g - speed suit sold separately! 

At the other end of the weight spectrum, Dalbello’s flagship Krypton 130 and Chakra 115 freeride boots get tech inserts and Grip Walk soles, providing another useful option for strong skiers skinning short distances right out of the resort.

  • New Quantum Free 130, 110, and 105 W touring boots
  • New Quantum Lite touring boots
  • Updated Krypton / Chakra freeride boots

2022 DPS Skis & Backcountry Gear

2022 DPSSkis

In the world of carbon ski construction, DPS reigns supreme. For 2022, they continue to optimize, introducing a new ‘Pagoda’ carbon construction that builds on the success of Alchemist. A carbon-wrapped ash, aspen, and paulownia core improves dampness in firmer conditions, while the weight-savings and instant reactivity makes powder riding a dream. Skis that feature this new construction include the 124 Lotus, 112 RP, 106 C2 and 100 RP.
DPS also bring some key updates to their excellent traditional wood core Foundation construction. This includes the updated Koala 118, which receives subtle tweaking to the shape, rocker line and flex for an even more playful feel than its predecessor. DPS also introduces the Koala 103, a totally new shape for fun freestyle performance across the entire mountain. Other skis include in the Foundation update include the 112 RP, 106 C2, 100 RP, 99 Grom and 87 Grom.

  • New Pagoda Construction
  • New Foundation Construction
  • New Koala 108
  • Updated Koala 118 (Replaces Koala 119)
  • “Additive Manufacturing”
  • Less material waste - More re-use / recycling
  • In-house production - Pagoda is Made in USA with small supply chain.

2022 Dynafit Skis, Ski Boots, and Bindings

2022 Dynafit Skis

Dynafit brings some major updates to their boot and binding lineup in 2022, with a couple of new skis added to the line as well. Starting with skis, the Dynafit Blacklight series has new options with the Blacklight 95 and Blacklight 88W. These feature a longer radius and longer rocker line that work together to provide a smoother ride.

Moving on to boots, Dynafit has some exciting things coming. For the weight-watchers out there, the new DNA and Mezzalama will be worth a close look, and new Blacklight is no slouch either, coming in at 1050g. The ever-popular Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour sees some significant updates for 2022. Highlights are the change in fit, with slightly more volume on the instep and a new last, and an ISO 9523 sole - meaning no more Speed Nose. The construction will look a little bit different, too, with a full one-piece tongue with a hinge at the lower instep. Both the Grilamid Pro version and PU version feature the same liner, while the PU edition gets a ratchet buckle instead of the Hoji mechanism. The two versions weigh in at 1400g and 1520g respectively.

Most of Dynafit's bindings get some small, but nice upgrades, too, with 6 models seeing a facelift. Starting with Radical Advanced, we see a theme emerge: stronger and lighter. The Rotation series gets a shakeup, with the Rotation 7 becoming the new Rotation Light, featuring a similar toepiece meshed with a Radical heel. The popular Dynafit Rotation 14, meanwhile, gets beefed up jaw pieces on the toes. The new Backlight and Backlight + start with a radical toe and a release value of 12, and are lighter, with better brake locking.

  • New DNA & Mezzalama ultralight boots
  • New Blacklight boots - 1050g
  • Updated Hoji Pro Tour - 1400g/1520g for Pro/PU version, new fit, new construction, ISO 9523 sole
  • Updated Binding lineup - Radical Advanced, Speed Turn, Rotation bindings all get updates.

2022 Dynastar Skis

2022 Dynastar Skis

With the introduction of their new M-Line last year, Dynastar turned their attention to the frontside. Meet S-Line, a ‘Speed’ focused collection for ripping the frontside. Dynastar’s hybrid core combines with V Tech Power Arms for an incredible experience on piste.
Development continues on M-Line, too - a new M-Free 99 replaces the super popular Menace 98 as Dynastar’s versatile progressive, freeride shape for creative skiers. Look for this one to be an absolute hit thanks to it’s playful nature and all mountain waist width.

  • New S-Line skis
  • New M-Free 99 skis

2022 Elan Skis

2022 Elan Skis

Elan know when they’re onto a good thing, and who can blame the geniuses that came up with the Ripsticks. Changes are kept to a minimum for 2022, but the Ripstick family continues to fly the flag for lightweight freeride performance. Look out for the upcoming ‘Black Edition’ 96 and 106 models, built with additional carbon rods in the layup for extra muscle and precision. Meanwhile, Elan continue to refine their frontside offering with the sophisticated Amphibio and Insomnia all mountain carvers.

  • New Ripstick ‘Black Edition’ 96 and 106 skis

2022 Faction Skis

2022 Faction Skis

While the tweaks in the 2022 Faction skis lineup might not look like much, there’s some great improvements, and some exciting new skis added, too. First, production of the entire Candide series of skis has moved to a new factory, unlocking the potential for new construction that’s aimed at making the skis both lighter and more durable - a double whammy. The Faction CT series has always been great for hard chargers, like their namesake Candide Thovex, and now with their new carbon weave and mounting plate, they’re even more ready to stand up to use and abuse.

The Prodigy line ads a smallest sibling, the Faction Prodigy 0.0, a more price-friendly option, while the Prodigy 1.0 shape gets a makeover. It now aligns more closely with the Prodigy 2.0, which has been much loved recently, in both shape and profile. There are a host of new Faction kids skis for 2022, too, with the Prodigy 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, and Dictator 2.0 all coming in youth models. On the touring side, the Agent 4.0 joins the party, for those deep days in the backcountry. It measures 116mm under foot and weighs in at 1950g. These have more rocker than the 3.0, but still try to retain versatility.

  • New Candide Construction - carbon weave with carbon-reinforced mountain plate
  • New Prodigy 0.0 & 0.0 X - new pricepoint offering
  • Updated Prodigy 1.0 & 1.0 X - new shape to better align with Prodigy 2.0
  • New Agent 4.0 - deep day touring ski, 116mm, 1950g
  • New Prodigy 0.0 Jr, 1.0 Jr, 2.0 Jr and Dictator 2.0 YTH - new kids options

2022 Full Tilt Ski Boots

2022 Full Tilt Boots

Full Tilt pump the brakes on new releases in 2022, with updates coming in the form of some seriously fresh new colorways. Check out the bumblebee Plush 90s, or the desert storm Sammy C Ascendants for a cripsy look next season.

Introduced last year, the Sammy Cs have quickly become one of the most sought after boots in the business. They're a great choice for riders seeking a burlier feel in their crossover touring boots, with a fully moldable wrap liner and a bombproof PU shell built to withstand all the abuse you can dish out. Which way to the backcountry booters?

2022 Head Skis

2022 Head Kore Skis

Head introduced the Kore series to overwhelming stoke in 2018. Now in their 3rd year, Kore has become a go-to for freeride skiers, just in time for Head to annnounce the fully ravamped lineup! With these new skis, Head continues to push the boundaries of ski design with the use of innovative materials and technology. Notable changes from previous Kore models include a new chamfered top edge that improves durability and playfulness in wider skis, new sizing with smaller gaps between sizes, and tweaked shapes that prioritize responsiveness in narrower models and playfulness in wider models.

Head's also revamped their freestyle lineup, bringing back an old name: Oblivion. Replacing Caddy, the new Oblivion 94, 84, and 79 are designed to take terrain park skills to the entire mountain playground.

On the boot side, Head has a new narrow to medium fitting all-conditions boot derived from Raptor WRC called Formula. Available in both 98mm ("RS") and 100mm lasts, the Formula boots are fully customizable thanks to Liquid Fit liners and PU shells, with the performance you've come to expect from Head.
  • New Kore M's & W's Skis
  • New Oblivion Freestyle Skis
  • New Formula Ski Boots

2022 K2 Skis & Ski Boots

2022 K2 Skis

After seismic changes across the entire K2 ski landscape in recent years - Mindbender in 2020, followed by Reckoner and Disruption in 2021 - K2 give their hardworking development team a chance to catch their breath for 2022. There are, however, some seriously fresh looking topsheets across the board, and a new entry level 92mm width Reckoner to round things out for the twin tip crowd.

While the ski engineers may have earned themselves a well earned break, there’s no sign of K2 taking their boots off the gas. 2022 see’s an overhaul of the BFC line, with updated tooling, branding, and a full boot re-design from the ground up. Focused on improved out of the box comfort, these boots have brand new liners, a 15% reduction in weight, and promise to ski better than their predecessors. There’s a new tweener boot for the grom in your family - the Reverb - while a new Bluetooth Thermic system in K2’s heated boots makes it easier than ever to stay toasty on the slopes.

  • New Reckoner 92 Skis
  • New BFC Boots
  • New Reverb Boots

2022 Lange Ski Boots

Lange bring some exciting new boots to the table as well as delivering some key updates to long-running lines. Starting with the biggest news, the new Lange XT3 Tour Pro and XT3 Tour Sport offer backcountry skiers lighter and more touring focused versions of the popular XT3 series. The major differences for these 130 and 110 flex boots, are the reduced weight - around 1300g - and a bounty of nice little touches that will be appreciated in the skintrack. This includes a full Vibram rubber sole, a smooth 55 degree ROM walk mode, Grillamid construction, and more.

Back to the resort, the Lange RX lineup a facelift and some performance upgrades. The new Reactive Boost Tongue gives the line a more dynamic flex and a more energetic feel. New low volume options are added, too for the 110 and 90 W. Dual Core technology can now be spotted across all the boot families, too.

  • New XT3 Tour Pro & Tour Sport touring boots - around 1,300g, Vibram ISO 9523 sole, Dual Core Light, Grilamid construction, slimmed down version of XT3 mechanism, 55 degreem ROM
  • Updated RX lineup - new footbeds, new Reactive Boot Tongue, new buckles, GripWalk on all boots,
  • New RX 110 LV & RX 90 W LV boots

2022 Lib Tech Skis

2022 Lib Tech Skis

2022 Line Skis

2022 Line Skis

Line continues their focus on fun, with a great lineup of skis for 2022. The Blade and Blade W are back and more purpler than ever, alongside the return of the Vision family, which saw the addition of the wider Vision 118 last year. One of our favorite parts of the Line look for 2022 is the way that the colors pop, from the bold new Chronic graphic to the fish-tailed Sakana and Pescado. Overall, its a great lineup for Line.

2022 Look Ski Bindings

Look continues a strong showing this year with a return of the same line-up for 2022. The comeback of the Pivot 15, its beefy steel toe, and incredible colorways was a huge success this year, and with it sold out from most retailers already this year, be ready for the resupply!

2022 Marker Ski Bindings

2021 Marker Ski Bindings

Marker slide into 2022 with some welcome updates to the Squire family. New toe and heelpiece technology introduced on the Griffon and Jester in 2021 makes it onto the Squires, promising a significantly easier step-in experience for lighter riders. Not only that, the Squire 11 is now offered in 5 jazzy colors. Head to toe color coordination can be yours! 

Marker’s ever growing family of touring bindings remains largely unchanged, although 2022 see's some carbon baseplate technology trickle down from the V-Werks Kingpins into the rest of the line. There's also a new Alpinist 10 model joining the party in the lightweight category. 

  • New Squire 10 / 11 / 12 bindings
  • New Alpinist 10 binding

2022 Nordica Skis & Ski Boots

2022 Nordica skis

For Nordica’s 2022 ski lineup, women get some new options, the Wild Belle series is all new, and the Santa Ana 84 arrives as well. The Wild Belle 84 headlines the group, featuring Dual Core tech with Pulse Core. Aside from that, the old favorites return with a new look.

On the boot side of things, Nordica introduced a new version of the classic Speed Machine. The Speed Machine 3.0 comes in 130S, 120, 115W, and 105W configurations. The boot has an updated fit, but retains its 100mm last. Other updates include a new Tri Force frame, a new 3D cork liner, and customizable 3D Flex technology. The Pro Machine 130 is new with stiffer plastic, and the rear-entry HF line expands, too with the new HF 120 Pro, HF 100 & HF 75W.

  • New Wild Belle Series - women's skis
  • New Santa Ana 84
  • New Speed Machine 3.0 130S, 120, 115W & 105W - new fit, 100mm last, 3D cork liner, customizable flex
  • New HF 120 Pro, HF 100, HF 75W
  • Updated Pro Machine 130 - stiffer plastic
  • New 4-buckle junior boot

2022 Rossignol Skis

2022 Rossignol Black Ops Skis


After bringing out the entirely new and instantly popular Black ops series last year, Rossignol turns their 2022 updates to the Experience lineup of skis. Tweaks here include innovative layups, including the durable Hardtop topsheet which is designed to optimize flex over the length of the ski. The 2022 Rossignol experience line has models ranging from 76mm wide up to 86mm, with each construction optimized to suit different types of skiers. Overall , these are great frontside skis with nice versatility thanks to the All Trail sidecut, which helps blend a more traditional old-school feel with a more progressive new-school feel. The new Alpineer 96 and Nova skis join the party this year, too.

  • New Alpineer 96 skis
  • New Experience Series - 86Ti, 82Ti, 86 Basalt, 82 Basalt, 80 Carbon, 78 Carbon, 76
  • New Nova skis

2022 Salomon Skis, Ski Boots & Bindings

2022 Salomon Skis

Salomon did not take their foot off the gas for 2022, bringing new products across all their categories! QST, one of the best-selling ski designs of recent memory, enters into series of rolling refreshes. At the top of this drool-worthy list sits the all-new QST Blank, designed in conjunction with the infamous Blank crew out of Whistler, Canada. This new 112mm freeride charger replaces the QST 118, but it's a whole different animal. The 112mm waist is plenty floaty but more manageable for everyday riding, and there's more Cork Damplifier in the tip and tail than before. C/FX fiber is included in the tip/tail only (instead of full length), and a new double sidewall construction substanially increases power. It's a super stable charger that doesn't shy away from throwing 'em sideways or getting inverted.

In the all-mountain category, the best-selling QST 99 becomes the QST 98, taking queues from the new Blank with its tweaked shape, increased tail rocker, and Cork Damplifier in the tip and tail. We've been able to ride these a few days already, and they rip! Salomon also replaces the QST 85 with the new QST Spark, a playful, easy to ride ski that's ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers.

In the world of bindings, Salomon focused on their alpine lineup. The beefy STH16 now features an MNC (Multi Norm Compatible) design with a sliding AFD. It also features a new technology called Transfer Switch Technology. Skiers can switch between Progressive and Direct modes at the flick of a switch. 'Progressive' increases dampening and smooths out terrain feedback, while 'Direct' is for immediate response and maximum power. This is an impressive binding!

For boots, the updates, although less flashy, should provide skiers with even better fits. The best-selling S/Pro 120, 130, and 100 W boots now feature a new My Custom Fit 4D liner that's more comfortable, better fitting, and even easier to customize. GripWalk soles now come standard and all S/Pro boots now feature Custom Shell HD.

  • New QST skis - QST 98, QST Blank, QST Spark
  • New STH16 MNC binding with Power Switch Technology,
  • New Stage GW 11 binding
  • Updated S/Pro 120/130/100 W boots feature new liners, GripWalk soles standard 

2022 Tecnica Ski Boots

One of the most exciting ski boot releases of the year, Tecnica brings an update to the Cochise. This “3.0” version of the boot features a host of new upgrades. The shell itself has a new shape, featuring a more anatomical design to both fit better and reduce weight. A new walk mechanism and liner round out the updates, as well as an entirely new model in the lineup, the LV women’s Cochise 115.

  • New 2022 Tecnica Cochise 3.0
    • 99mm last
    • Shell is asymmetric & anatomical - more shape means lower weight
    • All new T.Ride walk mechanism, fixed top & bottom
    • New C.A.S. lines with more moldable material
    • New LV Pro Cochise W with 115 flex

2022 Volkl Skis

2022 Volkl Skis

The Volkl Mantra and Secret have long been at the top of the all mountain list for folks who know how to turn a ski. This year, Volkl introduces th new 2022 Mantra M6 and Secret, the sixth full update to this all terrain heavyweight.  This new design features a new Titanal and Carbon frame for a more progressive longitudinal and torsional flex.

The Volkl Blaze series, introduced last year, gets a new width - the 86. This is a great option for intermediate to advanced skiers looking for an all mountain ski, or experienced skiers that want a lightweight and versatile ski for both in and out of bounds riding, at a great price.

  • New M6 Mantra and Secret skis
  • New Blaze 86 skis (M's and W's)
  • New Deacon Master resort ripper