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The 5 Best Skateboard Helmets of 2021

It’s an undeniable fact that skateboarding is inherently dangerous. Thats why skateboard helmets are essential. We can probably all recall dozens of cautionary tales from the authoritative figures of our youth about the necessity of padding up every time we left the driveway for a push. That said, the proof of this fundamental risk is solidified by the cringe-inducing slam sections peppered throughout essentially every professional skateboarding film ever produced, not to mention those mondo late-night TV shows of yesteryear. But at the end of the day, a sprained ankle or fractured wrist will pale in comparison to the lasting damage of a bad bump to the cranium from some unforgiving concrete.

Whether you’re a novice skater setting up your first complete, a seasoned ripper pushing your skating to new heights, or a long-term enthusiast simply looking to feel a little more confident on your board, the current crop of modern skateboarding helmets are designed with a combination of safety, comfort, and style in mind. These beauties won’t weigh you down or restrict your movement while you ride, and you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that all of your important brain cells are safe and sound from any unexpected meetings with an unyielding surface below. So, without further ado, here’s our picks for the best skateboard helmets of 2021.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate

The best skateboard helmets of 2021

Have you ever heard the phrase “the original and still the best?” How about “often imitated, never duplicated?” Both statements apply to the Pro-Tec Classic Skate helmet. Engineered by the experts at Pro-Tec with skateboarding in mind, this timelessly graceful helmet utilizes a replaceable two-stage soft foam liner within a hard polyethylene shell, allowing it to comfortably conform to users’ head shape for a snug, secure fit. The end result is a lightweight, stylish piece of safety equipment that your noggin will thank you for, with eleven open vents that give your dome plenty of room to breath. This time-tested classic represents the industry standard in elegance and security, ideal for anyone interested in pushing their skating to new levels with confidence, comfort, and flair. Odds are, your favorite skater’s favorite skater straps on one of these bad boys every time they drop in.

Priced reasonably for its legendary stature, the Pro-Tec Classic Skate helmet won’t break the bank or cut any corners in securing your brain from the tough exterior of whatever terrain you choose to conquer in it. The included one-year warranty adds yet another layer of trust that this product is built to last and committed to keeping you safe. An essential piece of gear for any serious skater, the Pro-Tec Classic Skate helmet will keep you rolling with enduring style and persistent protection wherever you ride.

Certification Original Price
Not CPSC Certified$44.99-$54.99

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Pro-Tec The Classic Certified EPS

Best skate helmets of 2021

Why should you own a different helmet for every sport you decide to try? We can’t think of a good reason, and apparently our friends at Pro-Tec couldn’t either. Introducing The Classic Certified EPS helmet. A refreshing upgrade from their original skateboard-specific design, this updated version features hardshell construction utilizing a durable, high-density, injection-molded shell that’s perfectly suited for the gnarliest ripping, no matter what you ride. The EPS foam liner inside is made up of die-cut laminated nylex and meets all required ASTM, CE, and CPSC standards for multisport use including skateboarding, snowboarding, and biking. But don’t let the technical specifications bog you down. This is the same classic Pro-Tec helmet you know and trust, well-equipped for protection against whatever tough surface you plan on ripping.

The next logical step in construction and price from Pro-Tec’s original Classic, we think the additional cost is worth it for crushing any terrain year round in confidence and style. Available in over a dozen colors and designs, you’re all but guaranteed to find a version that fits your unique style. The Pro-Tec Classic Certified EPS helmet is an absolute must-have for the well-rounded rider who isn’t looking to sacrifice finesse for an extra level of protection.

Certification Original Price

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Triple 8 Sweatsaver

The best skateboard helmets of 2021

We’ve all been there, but it’s never fun to be the person on the skate sesh dripping sweat from their drenched helmet liner. Just like any other sport, the serious level of athleticism involved with skateboarding will inevitably result in a little perspiration, and Triple 8’s Brainsaver helmet with Sweatsaver liners is here to combat that problem. The liner’s moisture-wicking layers will keep you dry no matter how intense the session becomes. On top of that, the Sweatsaver fabric is coated with an antibacterial treatment, meaning the familiar odor of well-worn safety gear reeking in your trunk or garage is now a thing of that past. Triple 8 liners also feature a unique 360-degree wraparound design, ensuring protection from all angles in the event of a heavy slam.

Meant for a snug, dry fit that won’t slip up when things get a little heated, this helmet is ideal for even the most aggressive skateboarders. It is worth noting that this model is not CPSC certified and is not intended to be used when riding a bike. An excellent skate helmet for any shredder, the Brainsaver helmet with Sweatsaver liners is moderately priced to fit every budget, while still offering well-rounded protection and sanitary conditions for long-term use in any high-impact environment.

Certification Original Price
Not CPSC Certified$44.99

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Triple 8 Certified Sweatsaver

Best skateboard helmets of 2021

An idyllic update from the original Brainsaver, the Certified Sweatsaver helmet from Triple 8 brings total protection to the next level. With CPSC and ASTM certifications for skate and bike safety, this helmet is ideal for all you multi-discipline riders in need of a helmet that works as hard as you do. This version features EPS foam along with Triple 8’s Sweatsaver liner to wick away perspiration, keeping drips of sweat out of your eyes and your field of vision perfectly clear. The supremely plush, washable fabric liners are also antibacterial coated, making sure the stink of the session on a hot summer day doesn’t stick around between repeated uses. A 180-day warranty from Triple 8 means even the most aggressive riders will rip with confidence in their gear.

The Certified Sweatsaver comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Also included is a second set of Sweatsaver liners, differently sized to create the ideal fit. Among the cream of the crop for skateboarding helmets, the Certified Sweatsaver is a tad more spendy than the rest of the field, but well worth it for the unparalleled comfort, cleanliness, and protection it provides to those of us who want to take a single helmet across a variety of sports.

Certification Original Price
CPSC & ASTM$59.99-$64.99

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Pro-Tec Full Cut

The best full skateboard helmet of 2021

Have you ever dreamt of channeling the energy of your favorite 80s vert pro, but found yourself lacking the era-appropriate safety equipment to match? Wish no further, because Pro-Tec came correct with The Full Cut, a revamped version of the staple helmet design from modern skateboarding’s first decade. Featuring their crucial HDPE flex shell surrounding a replaceable lightweight two-stage foam liner that pleasantly accommodates the user’s head, The Full Cut’s classic flyaway design completely surrounds the wearer’s ears and skull for additional confidence every time you skate. Much like its modernized compatriots from Pro-Tec, this helmet is well-ventilated throughout and comes in a variety of styles, including unique designs by 30-year veteran professional skateboarder and artist Mark Gonzales.

A necessity when pumping vert, flying out of a jump ramp, or doing slappies at your local red curb, The Full Cut skate helmet will be your go-to melon protector every time you step on your board. Priced reasonably for the well-rounded protection it offers, the included one-year warranty means you can buy at ease, with faith that the manufacturer stands by their product through the long haul. Don’t drop in without it!

Certification Original Price
Not CPSC Certified$64.99

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