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The 4 Best Women's Mountain Bikes of 2021

Every year a whole host of new women’s mountain bikes hit the market, and every year these bikes get better and better. But what makes the best women’s mountain bikes stand out? To answer that question we’ve put together this guide to the best women’s mountain bikes of 2020.

These are the bikes that impressed us the most, the cream of the crop. All of these bikes deliver a great ride at a reasonable price. But even among these “best” bikes, there are still significant differences. Every bike suits different riding styles or trail systems differently. That’s why we’ve broken down this list to help you figure out which bike makes the most sense for you. We’ve also included handy reference charts with key stats for each bike to help you narrow down your list quickly. So check out our favorites here, and find the best women’s mountain bike you can buy - bikes that will leave you smiling ear-to-ear after every ride.

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Juliana Furtado C S

the best 2020 women's mountain bikes

Juliana is the sister brand of Santa Cruz bikes - they use the same frame designs with female-specific touchpoints (saddles and grips), suspension tunes, and colorways. That means that you get all of the performance and value of a Santa Cruz, with the little touches that make it work for you.

The Furtado is Juliana’s nimble trail bike. 130mm of travel allows it to handle technical descents, but still pedal very efficiently. This is one of the most well-rounded women’s bikes in this group, it will eat up just about any trail. It doesn’t have the long travel and more aggressive geometry of a pure enduro bike, so it’s much more fun on tamer trails that would be boring on a big bike, but it’s still got what it takes to ride just about any descent.

Shorter riders will appreciate the 27.5” wheels that make it a little more playful and snappy than a 29er. If you’re looking for a fun, playful bike that will feel at home on any ride, no matter the length or the terrain, the Furtado is a great option.

 Travel Wheel Size Riding StyleOriginal Price 
 130mm 27.5" Trail $4,899

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Liv Embolden 1

Best 2020 Women's Mountain Bikes

Let’s just be honest, mountain biking is often prohibitively expensive, especially for new riders who aren’t sure they’ll be able to justify owning an expensive bike. Liv, the female-specific branch of Giant bikes, has the solution. The Liv Embolden 1 is an affordable, well-designed women’s mountain bike that’s perfect for the ladies on a budget - it's simply one of the best women's xc mountain bikes under $2,000.

With 120 mm of travel and 27.5” wheels, the Embolden is a quick, snappy bike, perfect for new riders figuring out the sport. It climbs very efficiently and has a 12-speed drivetrain that offers a huge gear range for any terrain. Of course, that shorter travel means it won’t be the fastest bike on chunky descents, but for riders who spend the majority of their time on moderate trails, the Embolden 1 is a high-value, low-cost ride.

 Travel Wheel Size Riding StyleOriginal Price 
 120mm 27.5" XC $1,800

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Juliana Maverick C S

Best 2020 women's mountain bikes

The Maverick is Juliana’s answer for the rider who wants to do a little bit of everything, but has just a little bit of a gravity bias. At 140 mm of travel, it’s got a little more squish than the Furtado, and 29” wheels give it more traction and better roll-over in more technical terrain. So if your idea of a good ride involves long singletrack climbs, followed by steep, technical descents, the Furtado is your ticket to a good time.

For folks living in flatter areas, or riding less technical trails, the snappier handling of the Furtado will be a plus. But if you’re even considering riding bike parks, or racing enduros, you’ll be well served by the Maverick. Its lower-link VPP design pedals incredibly efficiently, and lowers the center of gravity to create a bike that rails corners hard. If you like to ride a little bit of everything, but really live for the down, the Maverick is one of the best women’s trail or enduro bikes that you can buy.

 Travel Wheel Size Riding StyleOriginal Price 
 140mm 29" Trail / Enduro $5,199

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Liv Intrigue 2

Best 2020 women's mountain bikes

For ladies looking for a little more travel, in a slightly more aggressive package, without breaking the bank, Liv offers the Intrigue. The Intrigue uses Giant’s Maestro suspension design to deliver 140 mm of rear travel, paired with a 150 mm fork. That combination makes the Intrigue a more competent descender when the trail gets rough and steep.

However, the Intrigue still uses 27.5” wheels, so it’s easy for smaller riders to maneuver. The Intrigue is a really versatile bike, it’s pretty light, and pedals very efficiently, so it’s not a bad choice for long, rolling XC rides, but it has the descending chops to handle the occasional bike park day or enduro race. And it does all of that for a great value, its really one of the best women’s mountain bikes under $3,000. So if you’re looking to buy a new bike, and still save enough money for that dream riding trip, the Intrigue has your back.

 Travel Wheel Size Riding StyleOriginal Price 
 140mm 27.5" Trail $2,900

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