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The 10 Best Kids' Ski & Snowboard Pants of 2021-2022

What comes to mind when you think of kids’ snow gear? For a lot of people, it’s hard to shake the image of Randy from “A Christmas Story,” so bundled up that he can barely move. And, for a lot of kids, that used to be the reality when it came time to dress for skiing: put on as many layers as you can possibly handle, and then try to learn how to ski without sweating up a storm inside the four wool sweaters you’re wearing. Luckily, we’ve progressed past that. More and more brands are pouring resources into designing and manufacturing practical, efficient, kids’ ski and snowboard pants. No more scratchy wool long underwear paired with some ancient nylon pants that smell like a garage. Nope, now kids can have the same waterproof, breathable, warm, and well-fitted ski clothes that adults use.

We’ve compiled the best kids’ ski and snowboard pants we’ve found on this list. These are the ones that really stood out for having a great combination of features, price, and practicality. That said, the best kids’ snow pants will be different for every child, and every ski region. Some kids might prefer bibs, while others are only comfortable in pants. Some locals are so cold they require insulated pants, others prioritize waterproofing. So we’ve broken down the strengths and weaknesses of every option on this list, with recommendations for what sort of children will get along best with each pair. So stop layering long underwear, and get them one of the best kids’ ski pants instead. It will pay off with every run they finish in comfort.

Burton Skylar Bibs - Kids'

Best 2021-2022 kids' ski & snowboard pants

Burton makes a whole range of great adult-sized bibs and pants, so it should come as no surprise that their kids’ Skylar bibs are a sure bet as well. The bib style helps keep snow from getting down your pants when you crash, as well as provides extra insulation. The Skylar’s DryRide 2L material does a good job of keeping the elements out while still being breathable, and ThermaCore insulation makes windy lift rides a whole lot more comfortable. The Skylar bib also has chest, back, and handwarmer pockets, so it’s easy to keep snacks and accessories accessible.

Burton’s Skylar bibs are full-featured, high-performance pants. They’re some of the best kids’ ski bibs for anyone who skis somewhere that’s cold and gets a lot of snow, they might be overkill for more mild climates, but if you’re looking for a lot of protection from the elements, at a reasonable price, look no further.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5kRoom-To-Grow™ System$139.95

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The North Face Freedom Insulated Bibs - Big Kids'

The best 2021-2022 kids' ski & snowboard pants

The North Face’s Freedom Bibs are designed to bring North Face’s legacy of high-end, weatherproof outerwear to a younger demographic. They use a 2L construction that’s highly waterproof and has a nice comfortable feel. These aren’t the loud, crinkly snow pants of your youth. They use a Heatseeker insulation throughout that’s designed to keep kids warm through most weather situations but can be paired with insulated leggings for truly frigid days. The pockets are laid out to prioritize storage, without putting anything in harm’s way if a crash does happen. The side zip entry makes it easy to get in and out of the bibs when nature calls and the EZ Grow hem allows the bibs to adapt to your child’s body as they grow.

If you’re looking for the best kids’ snowboard bibs, the Freedom Bibs are very versatile bib pants that will hold up for season after season, and look good doing it.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10K/5KEZ Grow Leg$129.95

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Helly Hansen No Limits 2.0 Pants - Kids'

The best boys ski & snowboard pants

Helly Hansen’s No Limits 20 pant strikes a nice balance between traditional pants and bibs. They’re cut like regular pants but come with integrated suspenders that comfortably keep them up. So you can ditch the suspenders if normal pants are more your speed, or use them to help create a more snow-proof clothing system. Either way, the No Limits 20 is a strong performer and one of the best kids’ snowboard pants. And that versatility is evident through the whole design of the pants as well. They’ve got internally adjustable lengths, so they can grow with your kids, and gusseted and articulated legs fit a wide variety of body shapes. The zippered hand pockets keep snacks close at hand, and leg vents make it easy to dump heat if necessary. They’re a little more insulated than the Skylar or Freedom bibs, but they also have less coverage, so they strike a nice balance and keep your core warm without forcing you to overheat.

Helly Hansen’s No Limits 20 pants are great for kids who don’t like bibs but still need warm pants. They’re versatile, and comfortable, with all of the little details sorted to a “T”.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/10kPrimaLoft® Black Eco Insulation$150

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Volcom Barkley Bib Overalls - Boys'

The Best 2021-2022 kids' ski & snowboard pants

Volcom understands that kids can be harder on gear than their adult counterparts, and they need outerwear that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. That’s why the Barkley Bib Overalls are built with reinforced knees and cuffs, along with a butt patch. Good luck wearing any holes in these. That doesn’t mean they sacrificed performance for durability though, the 10k/10k waterproofing/breathability rating means that moisture will stay out, and they vent any sweat efficiently. They’re also designed to zip into Volcom jackets to create a totally impermeable layer. So say goodbye to snow-soaked base layers, the Barkley has your back, literally. 80g insulation throughout the bib keeps your legs toasty no matter what the weather throws at you, and four zippered pockets provide plenty of storage.

If you’re looking through the best ski pants for kids, the Barkley paired with a Volcom jacket is the most weatherproof option. Allowing you to send your child out into the elements, confident that they’ll stay warm and dry.

Waterproofing/Breathability RatingFeatures Original Price

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Burton Maven Bibs - Toddlers'

The Best 2021-2022 kids ski & snowboard bibs

Burton’s Maven bibs were designed for families who know that it’s never too early to help their kids enjoy the magic of winter sports. These bibs are designed especially for toddlers who are just getting started skiing or riding. They have warm 100g insulation throughout, to help smaller kids keep their core temperatures up. The DryRide fabric with DWR coating is wind and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about soaked knees if your kids decide to build a snow fort instead of skiing. The Maven also has Burton’s room-to-grow system, which allows parents to adjust the legs to be an inch and a half longer as kids grow older.

If you’ve got a toddler at home who’s excited to get started skiing or riding, the Burton Maven bib is one of the best snow pants for kids and a great option to keep them warm and dry in the mountains.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5kRoom-To-Grow™ System$109.95

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Roxy Backyard Pants - Girls'

The best 2021-2022 girls snowboard pants

Roxy’s Backyard pant sets the bar high for how a first pair of snow pants should fit and perform. The DryFlight membrane is very waterproof and breathable, and 60g insulation throughout provides a nice boost in warmth without being overkill in milder climates. The Backyard also has a more tailored fit than most other kids’ pants. It’s got a higher, tapered waist and legs that allow for more freedom of movement, and less of the “zip-zop” sound that so often comes with walking in snow pants. The adjustable waist makes it easy to dial in your fit, and the boot gaiters lock out any stray snow.

Roxy’s Backyard pant is a stylish, high-performance option at a very affordable price point, making it one of the best snowboard pants for kids.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5k60g Synthetic Insulation$99.95

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Spyder Propulsion Pants - Boys'

The best boys' snowboard bibs of 2021-2022

Spyder’s Propulsion pants are another option that splits the difference between pants and bibs. Remove the suspenders and you’ve got a classic snow pant, leave it on for added support and comfort, or swap it out every time you ski based on what you’re feeling that day. The choice is yours. Spyder brings its legacy of high-end adult outerwear to the Propulsion pant, and it shows in everything from the fit and materials down to the tiny details. The 60g PrimaLoft insulation keeps your kid’s legs warm, and Spyder’s fit system allows the legs to expand up to two inches to keep up with the kid's growth. The zippered thigh and hand pockets are easy to access and keep phones or snacks secure.

Spyder made sure to sweat the details with the Propulsion pant, and it shows as the result is one of the best youth ski pants. These are dialed, comfy, and high-performing.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/10kRoom-to-Grow System$129

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Helly Hansen Rider 2 Bibs - Little Kids'

The best 2021-2022 girls ski & snowboard pants

Helly Hansen makes outerwear for ski patrollers and professional rescue teams in some of the world’s most rugged mountains, and they’re bringing that commitment to quality to the children with the Rider 2 bib. The Rider 2 is designed for toddlers and small children who might not actually be doing very much skiing or snowboarding, but love to play in the snow at the mountain. They’ve got some of the highest waterproofing and breathability ratings on this list, perfect for kids younger kids who might be more interested in rolling around in fresh snow than riding lifts. The 100g insulation keeps things toasty, even when your snowball fights run long, and reinforced knees add extra durability for toddlers who are still in the crawling stage.

Just because your child isn’t actually skiing all day doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve ski gear that performs well. The Helly Hansen Rider 2 bib will keep your toddlers warm and dry through any winter adventure.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
15k/15kExtendable Leg Length$100

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The North Face Freedom Insulated Pants - Boys'

Best 2022 kids ski pants

The North Face’s Freedom Pants bring all of the waterproofing, warmth, and durability of their Freedom Bibs to kids who are more comfortable in regular pants. That means they’ve got the same 2L construction and Heatseeker insulation throughout, but with an integrated waist adjustment system instead of the full bib. That makes them easier to get on and off, especially during bathroom breaks. And, while they might not keep snow out quite as well as a full bib, the Freedom Pant does have integrated boot gaiters so you don’t have to worry about cold shins.

If you like the sound of the Freedom Bibs but are more interested in the fit and features of pants, the North Face has you covered with the Freedom Pant, one of the best youth snowboard pants.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
10k/5kEZ Grow Leg$98.95

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Kamik Urban Pants - Kids'

Best 2022 toddler ski & snowboard pants

Kamik might not be the first brand you think of when it comes to youth outerwear, but they’re definitely worth considering. Their Urban pants are the most affordable option on this list but don’t sacrifice any performance to keep the price low. Kamik reinforces the seams, hems, and knees of the Urban pants to keep them durable, even when you’ve got rambunctious kids running wild in them. Their 170g insulation is the thickest on this list, so if your child tends to run cold, or you ski somewhere really cold, these are your best bet to keep them comfortable.

The Kamik Urban has both removable suspenders and an adjustable waist so you can wear them pant or bib style. If you’re shopping on a budget, and want something affordable, but still warm, durable, and comfortable, the Kamik Urban is a great option.

Waterproofing/BreathabilityFeatures Original Price
5K/5KGrow Feature In Pant Legs$69

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