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The 10 Best Men’s Snowboard Boots of 2021-2022

Whether you’re looking to set the bootpack at Mt. Baker this winter, hike a rail in the park, or lay into some serious carves, we’ve got you covered with 2022’s list of the best men’s snowboard boots. This all-important footwear can get a bit overlooked when compared to flashy new boards and carbon-infused bindings, but your boots can truly make or break a day on hill. These technological wonders lie at the transition between softgoods and hardgoods. They need to be supple enough to offer all-day comfort, but burly enough to transfer power to snow. Oh, and you want to stay warm and dry too! 

We’ve comprised a list of 10 boots from some of the best snowboard boot brands, ranging from pro-level pow hunters to more entry-level park destroyers. As usual, there are a plethora of lacing systems that use a combination of Boa systems, traditional laces, straps, and even zippers! We’ve also got Intuition liners, Thinsulate-infused insulation, and faux-fur on these puppies, not to mention the wide range of sole constructions and materials. Each brand has its own set of proprietary tech features and terminology, so we’re going to cut through some of that to get to the nitty-gritty of what type of rider and terrain each of these snowboard boots are best for.

Though the tech is at an all-time high for 2022, the look of this crop of boots is generally more understated. Almost every boot here comes in at least one black colorway. Tans, taupes, and browns seem to be popular as well. If you’re looking for flair, you can find that in subtle purple hits on the Vans Infuse, or a light blue sole on the Burton Rulers. This trend strikes us as just right though. After the wildness of the last few years, it's time to lace up, drop in, and leave your worries in the parking lot. Alas, the 10 best men's snowboard boots for 2022:

Vans Infuse

Best 2021-2022 Men's Snowboard Boots

With one of the absolute BEST teams in snowboarding consistently putting out some of the BEST footage year after year, Vans is a big proponent of the idea that the proof is very much in the pudding. The Vans Infuse Boots are team rider Arthur Longo’s go-to boot for his high-flying and smooth-sailing riding style. If you haven’t seen his S.H.E. (Side Hit Euphoria) videos, stop what you’re doing this instant and take a look. Impressed? Want a pair? Let’s dive in.

The Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots feature the ability to custom tune your support and stiffness. Looking for a bit more power in your ride? Throw in the removable high-rebound Hytrel® tongue stiffeners. Take them out for a softer feel, or even mix and match between boots if you’re feeling wild. If that’s not enough customization, the Infuses also feature three different types of lacing; traditional lacing to dial in the fit, a Boa to lock things down, and a Powercuff Strap to add support near the top of the boot. The list of performance-focused proprietary tech goes on, but these boots are also super dry, warm, and comfy. They feature waterproof breathable valves, letting moisture out without letting snow or water in, and a brand new thermal retention system that locks in heat to eliminate cold feet. Top that off with the Ultracush liner and the POPCUSH footbed, and you’re basically riding on clouds.

If you’re looking to push your riding, a large degree of customization, and you want to sport a clean look with a touch of flair, then the Vans Infuse Snowboard Boots could be your best bet in 2022.

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Laces + Boa®Stiff$419.99

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Salomon Launch Boa SJ

The best 2021-2022 men's snowboard boots

Once you get your hands on the Salomon Launch Boa SJ Snowboard Boots you’re going to want to hold on tight. If your friends don’t swipe them when you’re not looking, they might just float away. Utilizing Solomon’s proprietary Feather Outsole, minimalist stylings, and a reduced overall footprint, these boots are some of the lightest on the market. 

The Launch Boas are a medium-flexing, freestyle-focused boot. Park and pipe riders who want just the right amount of support, a perfect fit, and minimal swing weight will love these boots. They’re also wildly comfortable. Featuring heat moldable liners and a dual-density Ortholite C2 Footbed, long days on hill and harsh landings don’t stand a chance. And then there’s the fit, which is where these boots really shine. Once your feet slide into those cush liners, they’re held in place by a double Boa system. The Boa STR8JKT is an inner heel harness that keeps your heels locked down no matter how hard you’re chucking, and the Heel Grip Zone in the liners helps in this department as well.   

Though the Salomon Launch Boa SJ Boots are marketed to park and pipe riders, we think they could work great for anyone who likes a medium-flexing boot. Big-footed riders should be hyped on that reduced footbed and minimally-featured silhouette. And coming in at just under $300 a pair, these kicks leave some cash in the bank if you’re upgrading other pieces of your kit too.

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thirtytwo TM-Two Stevens

The best 2021-2022 men's snowboard boots

First off, go watch a bunch of Scott Stevens video parts, and when you’re done binging on those, maybe go thumb through his Instagram for a while to see some impossible looking butters and mind-bending maneuvers. Though much of what Scott does might be categorized as “mini-shred”, he pushes his gear hard, and it’s gotta have a lightning-fast response time to pull off some of these feats. Therefore, the thirtytwo TM-Two Stevens Snowboard Boots are an aggressive setup, ready for seasons of abuse, and maneuvers all over the mountain.

The TM-Twos come in at a 7 out of 10 on the thirtytwo flex scale, and they feature a traditional lacing system. Traditional lacing has a few advantages that you might not think about at first glance. Importantly, they’re easily and cheaply replaceable. If a boa breaks on hill, you're pretty much out of luck. Secondly, laces tend to produce fewer hotspots than steel boa cables, and some prefer how they affect overall boot flex. The 3D-molded tongue on these boots also helps in this regard, meaning they’re easier to lace up and the flex is even throughout the boot. Featuring heat-moldable liners, performance footbeds, multiple-heel lockdown innovations, and STI Energy Foam in the sole, your feet will be locked in place, and happy as clams at the end of the day.

The thirtytwo TM-Two Stevens Boots are perfect for the hard-charging freestyler or freerider who likes a traditional lace boot. The navy blue colorway with subtle yellow flair has got us pining for these. Before you knock focusing on colorways, remember this; when you look good you feel good, and when feel good you ride good! Hop into a pair of the Stevens boots, one of the best freeride snowboard boots.

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Ride Lasso Pro

The best men's snowboard boots

Are you looking to wrangle a burly line in the backcountry, or to tame a wild drop you’ve been eyeing from the lift? Or maybe you love icy super-pipes, massive park booters, and rock-hard groomers. If so, you might want to lace up the Ride Lasso Pro Snowboard Boots and capture your boarding dreams, Yeehaw!

The Lasso Pros are a stiff boot with a double boa lacing system. Featuring a rubber toe cap, the Michelin Summit Sole, and HDR Premium Synthetic materials to cut down on wear and tear, these boots are built to last multiple seasons, AND to take whatever you throw at them from day 1. They’re also super low-profile, so if you’ve got big feet, listen up. 1 to 1 lasting means the boots are produced in true half-sizes, and Ride’s IN2GRATED Construction makes for what they claim is the lightest weight and shortest length boots on the market. Less is more when it comes to boots, so how about less smell?! The Lasso Pros feature Black Gold Liner Mesh, a bamboo, and charcoal-infused material which naturally fights odor and keeps in warmth. For a boot meant to last so long, this is a must-have.

These boots come in gray and black, that’s it, which makes sense because they mean serious business on snow. The price point is at the upper end of our list, but we’re betting most riders can get at least a few seasons out of these, rather than re-upping every year or two.

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K2 Orton

The best 2022 men's snowboard boots

Black, olive, and tan, with subtle bright yellow details, and a speckled Vibram sole. The K2 Orton Snowboard Boots are some of the best-looking boots we’ve seen in a while. If multi-colored isn’t your thing, they come in all black as well. Whichever colorway you choose, you’re getting one badass boot to adorn your feet this winter.

Featuring a double boa lacing system and an 8 out of 10 stiffness rating, you're going to be locked-in and loaded to stomp! The Ortons are meant for serious lines, hard carving, and big air, but of course, they’re comfy too. The Intuition Pro Foam 3D Liner with SpaceHeater is the perfect blend of comfort, support, and insulation. The Vibram V5 sole provides grip on the boot, but K2 also threw in some of their famous Harshmellow material to soften landings and cut down on fatigue. Built with Endo 2.0 construction, the Ortons have a smooth and consistent flex, which is going to last season after season on the slopes.

If all the above info isn’t enough to convince you, you should know that these boots were developed and ridden by video-part megastar and slopestyle gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg. He put these things through the wringer, and they held up to the biggest jumps and lines on the planet, literally. For an aggressive freestyle/freeride rider, you can’t go wrong with the K2 Orton Snowboard Boots.

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DC Judge Boa

The best men's snowboard boots of 2021-2022

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but what about a boot? We haven’t technically put our toes in the 2022 DC Judge Boa Boots, but they do look pretty freaking sweet. Faux fur in the liners, Vibram soles, double boa lacing system, and ventilation!? Yes, please!

As lux as they look, the Judges also hit a really nice price point; giving you top-of-the-line features without breaking the bank. Striking a balance between medium-flexing and stiff, these boots would suit a park rider or freestyle-leaning freerider, or someone who just wants something with a little extra support. If you get cold feet, the Judges can help in that department as well. They feature DC’s top-level liner utilizing that faux fur we mentioned above, 3M Thinsulate material in the forefoot, and Aerotech ventilation to keep your dogs dry and warm.

Once your feet are warm and supported inside these double boa hogs, you’re gonna wanna start stomping some landings. The 100% recycled EVA footbeds with amped-up arch support combined with burly Vibram outsoles mean you’ll be sending from when the lifts start spinning to when ski patrol is kicking you off the hill. And if you’re headed out for a little après-ski festivities, we think the tan and white colorways have just the right amount of flair. Go hard all day and all night in the DC Judge Boa Snowboard Boots in 2022!

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Burton Ruler Boa

The best 2021-2022 men's snowboard boots

Ah, the Burton Rulers, we don’t know how long these things have been in production but they’ve gotta be up there with some of the longest running boot models, and for good reason too! A medium-flexing, affordable, double-boa boot with a minimal footprint, and a wide range of colorways, it’s really a no-brainer.

The Burton Ruler Boas can truly work for almost any rider, and they adorn the feet of beginners, passionate weekend warriors, and seasoned veterans the world over. Though the price point on these is relatively low, Burton has packed in a ton of features. The Rulers feature heat-moldable liners with supportive footbeds, as well as “Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil” in the soles to keep your feet toasty all season long. This tech sits atop B3 gel in the soles that cuts down on weight while dampening impacts.

If you’ve worn Burton boots in the past you know the comfort and fit are second to none. As always, the Rulers feature a 1 to 1 lasting, meaning the boots are produced in true half sizes, shell and liner included. This used to be exceedingly rare but is more common these days. Burton’s Total Comfort Construction means that the Rulers have almost no break-in time, a perfect choice if you need a pair last minute, or just want to avoid those miserable first few days of new boots. Grab a pair of Rulers if you want to rule the mountain, no matter where you plan to ride.

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Burton Photon Boa

Best 2022 mens snowboard boots

If you want to be lightyears ahead of all your buds on the bootpack AND in the race back to the lift, then you’re gonna want to grab a pair of the 2022 Burton Photon Boa Snowboard Boots. Coming in a bit pricier and a touch stiffer than the Burton Rulers profiled above, the Photons have some important points of difference to note.

The Photons feature Burton’s Imprint 3 liner, upping the comfort and support game while maintaining their heat-moldability and warmth. GripLITE backstays snug your boots up to your highbacks for direct energy transfer and easier turn initiation. The Vibram Ecostep outsoles on the Photons have increased traction, reduced weight, and are composed of 30% recycled material for an overall lighter environmental footprint. This way you can be ahead of the pack on the hike and in the eco-friendly department. 

Like the Rulers, the Photons feature 1 to 1 lasting (true half sizes), Total Comfort Construction for that already broken-in feel, and Shrinkage footbed reduction tech resulting in minimal toe and heel drag. This means the Photons would be great for a bigger rider or someone with bigger feet. They’re on the stiffer side so they can hold up to increased leverage, and they’ll fit better in and on standard bindings and boards. Don’t ignore that lightbulb going off in your brain, grab a pair of Photons before they sell out!

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Vans Hi-Country & Hell-Bound

Best 2022 mens snowboard boots

Looking like you just ripped these things off a fallen alien-invader, the Vans Hi-Country & Hell-Bound Boots are ready to continue your reign of destruction all across the mountain. Don’t let the traditional lacing fool you, these Vans boots are some of the stiffest on our list, and have a ton of tech as well.

First off let's talk stiffness. Vans describes these as a 5-9 out of 10 on the stiffness scale. The reason being is Vans Flex Control System, featuring removable Hytrel tongue stiffeners to customize your flex. Leave them in for that 9 out of 10 aggressive stiffness, or take them out for a more forgiving ride. Or remove the stiffeners at first, and put them back in as the boots break in over time. The other thing you might be wondering about is this lace-cover thing. That’s a waterproof zipper shroud and D-ring, keeping water out on long hikes and giving you the ability to attach your pant gaiters for extra protection from the elements.

Finally, we’ve got a few details on comfort and fit. The V3 Ultracush with TNF FlashDry Liner combines Van’s comfy-tech with The North Face’s keep-you-dry tech, for all-day comfort, plus they’re heat moldable! These boots also feature Van’s new waterproof breathable valves making sure that foot sweat from hiking finds a way out, but heat stays in. If you’re looking to bag some peaks this winter, or just grab a boot that’s going to last a long time, the Vans Hi-Country & Hell-Bound Snowboard Boots could be for you.

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thirtytwo Light x Santa Cruz

Best 2022 mens snowboard boots

Are you exhausted by all the endless tech-talk, novel lacing systems, and oftentimes high price tags on modern-day boots? Do you want to pare down, hike a rail, and save some bucks while you’re at it? If so, the thirtytwo Light x Santa Cruz Snowboard Boots are your ticket. Designed for and tested by the legendary JP Walker, these boots are streamlined, park-focused, and super-lightweight.

Coming in at a 4 out of 10 on the stiffness scale, these are going to be perfect for park-focused riders or beginners looking for a forgiving feel. They still have thirtytwo’s famous fit and comfort, but without a whole bunch of bells and whistles. 1 to 1 lastings mean there won’t be any slop in the half-sizes. Traditional laces with an internal harness system lock your feet in and cut down on boa-bulk, and thirtytwo’s comfort liner gets the job done on the inside. Plus you don’t have to worry about a boa blowing out mid-day and being out of luck. Throw an extra pair of laces in your bag and you’ve got a cheap insurance policy for all-day sessions in the street, the park, or holding rope in the midwest!

Now for just under $220, we can understand how people might be a bit skeptical, but if these are good enough for The Don, then they’ll definitely work for you! Maybe they’ll break in a bit quicker, or you’ll have to re-up a bit sooner than a higher-end boot, but you’ll get instant board-feel right out of the box with these boots. If you want to hit the park running this season then the thirtytwo Light x Santa Cruz Snowboard boots are the way to go.

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