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The 9 Best Snowboards of 2021-2022

Here we go! Another winter is on its way, and the freshest new snowboards are getting us in the snow-sliding spirit. With so many boards, brands, graphics, and shapes to choose from, coming up with this list is always a challenge. So we go with our gut. We take a look at everything offered and see what resonates. What’s new and exciting? What crazy tech features might change the game? What graphics can’t be ignored? What boards are shouting “Pick ME!”

We’ve narrowed it down to 9 boards representing 8 trusted brands, ranging from top shelf, cream of the crop offerings to exciting new boards for riders on a budget. Whether you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on Travis Rice’s go-to board for riding the Natural Selection course, or Burton’s umpteenth iteration of the Custom, we’ll break down why A-list pros choose some of these boards as their daily drivers.

If you’re not looking to break the bank, the Arbor Cadence Rocker snowboard and Ride Zero are great options at affordable price points. Let’s dive into our picks for the best snowboards of 2022 and find the best new ride for you!

Capita Mega Mercury

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

We don’t know about you, but we’re fired up by this brand new offering from CAPiTA. The award-winning, freestyle-focused, medium-stiff-flexing, Capita Mercury has gone MEGA!

First, the basics. We’ve got a Resort V2 Camber Profile, which means camber between the feet, and reverse camber outside of them. The stance is set back just a touch, and there’s no taper from tip to tail. Capita calls this shape New Age Directional, which incorporates progressive sidecut and DEATH GRIP to keep the board locked into turns. That’s the underlying Mercury architecture, but now we’re going MEGA. The Mega Mercury features an exclusive FSC® Certified 3D Thermopolymer Starship Core™. That’s a mouthful, but what it boils down to is extra light, extra strong, and extra responsive. Incorporating an electronic sorting system, Capita selects only the choicest lengths of light and strong Poplar for these cores. They throw in recycled Thermopolymers for additional weight savings and dampening, AND this whole thing is sandwiched by Mega-Wide carbon tape for added strength and pop.

And we’re not done yet. Capita added an aftermarket performance stone-grind to their already blazing fast Hyperdrive Sintered Base. Finally, the Mega Mercury is topped off with a Megalite Skin Topsheet, which boasts a 60% weight savings over Capita’s standard topsheets. Aspiring astronauts and space cowboys get in line, it’s time to blast into 2022 atop the Capita Mega Mercury Snowboard!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$749.95

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Salomon Assassin Pro

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

Are you looking to kill it in the park and powder this year? Are you planning to hone your already deadly freestyle snowboarding skills, and step to features you wouldn’t dare to before? If so, it’s time to hop on the 2022 Salomon Assassin Pro Snowboard. This board is Salomon’s cream-of-the-crop swiss army knife of shred. A twin shape built on a directional flex pattern, the Assassin Pro has a long list of tech features.

Let’s look into the belly of the beast. The Ghost Green Core incorporates sustainably harvested Paulownia wood hand-selected for its incredible strength to weight ratio. Add in the Ghost Carbon Beams in the tip and tail, and your ollies are going to pop like never before. Underfoot we’ve got a flat area between the bindings, camber under them, and rocker in the tips and tails, meaning you can lay into turns, lean into presses, and float that nose when pow is involved. Rounding out this whole package is a Sintered EG base with a Fine Stone Finish for maximum speed when you need it.

We think the Salomon Assassin Pro is best suited for freestyle-leaning riders looking to take their skills to the whole mountain. This board is definitely at home in the park, but its high-end features mean it can step to bigger lines with soft landings, or dampen some of the chatter encountered at high speeds. Sign up soldier, it’s time to do violence to snow in 2022.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$549.95

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Burton Custom

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

They say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” But what about if you just want to upgrade it?! This year’s iteration of the Burton Custom Snowboard is the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation. The classic do-anything shape will appeal to old-school shred-heads looking for a responsive, freestyle-focused, all-mountain ride. While the space-age tech features will woo new converts into the Custom Cult.

Guess what? Camber still exists, and it’s employed here in all its glory! Traditionally cambered boards are rare these days, but it makes total sense for this hard-turning and high-popping Custom. This board is a “directional twin”, slightly directional in shape and symmetrical in flex, meaning it’s going to ride switch really well while providing a bit of float if needed. Though the shape and profile are quite traditional, the guts of this ride are anything but. Incorporating Burton’s Superfly 700G Core, Carbon Highlights, a Sintered Base, and a whole list of other proprietary tech features, the Custom is very much in line with other 2022 high-end offerings.

If you want to take maximum advantage of the Custom, you can grab a pair of Burton bindings and use the Channel Mounting System. This eliminates dead zones in the board due to binding baseplates and lets the true nature of your ride shine through. We’d recommend this board for advanced pipe and park riders, as well as those who want the feel of traditional camber without sacrificing new construction innovations. Oh yeah, and it looks dope too! Simple, clean lines, with exciting pops of color; pretty close to how you’ll look riding this thing this coming season.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinCamber$629.95

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Ride Zero

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

Zilch, nada, nil, nothin’. That’s how many limits will be on you when you strap into the Ride Zero Snowboard. A brand new, gender-neutral, freestyle-focused board from the legendary Ride Snowboards. A throw-back style graphic is paired with a new school attitude and futuristic tech to make a truly versatile park and freeride snowboard. 

The Zero starts off with an Asymmetrical Twin Hybrid Rocker. This means it’s got more rocker than camber, and a twin shape, but the sidecuts are asymmetrical, meaning the board has a defined heelside and a toeside but no dedicated nose or tail. All of that combines to make for easy turning and predictable riding in either direction. The Zero has a medium-flexing performance core made of Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia. Plus, there are carbon stringers pretty much everywhere, and double impact plates under the bindings. Top it off with a stone-ground sintered base and you’ve got one of the sweeter park/resort boards we’ve seen in a while.  

Still not convinced? We know new things are scary sometimes, so why don’t you go ahead and do a deep dive on some recent riding from up-and-coming pros Jill Perkins and Reid Smith, who both use this board as their go-to freestyle rig. See? It works! Finally, the Zero has a huge, unisex size range, so you can definitely find the one Zero that works for you.

ShapeRocker Original Price
Asymmetrical TwinRocker/Camber/Rocker$499.95

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Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

The Lib Tech Orca has been a hit from day one, stoking out all who have a chance to ride it. So when we saw the Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca coming in hot for 2022, our curiosity was sky-high.

Truthfully, this board almost made our list just because of the name. Throw in the out-of-this-world graphics, and Lib’s absolute highest-end tech, and it’s really a no-brainer. If you’ve ever ridden an Orca, then you know what the hype is about, if not, now is definitely the time. A cross between the regular Orca and the T. Rice Pro, this powder-hungry freestyle machine is ready to give you the ride of your life. Travis himself used it in 2021’s Natural Selection event at Jackson Hole, so you know it goes. 

Let’s break it down. First off, if you’re unfamiliar with this style of board, it’s meant to be ridden short. It has an extra-wide waist width for float in pow and rocker between the feet to make sure your tips stay up. The stance is set back, but a touch more centered than the regular Orca for improved switch abilities, and the New Power Kink tail helps here too. With a sintered base, Magne-Traction throughout, and a medium/stiff-flexing Aspen, Paulownia, and Balsa core, the Golden Orca is ready to shine in deep pow AND on groomers. We knew the guys over at Mervin were working on some sort of alchemy, we just didn’t know they’d strike gold so soon! 

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Jones Stratos - Women's

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

At first look, the Jones Stratos Snowboard looks like serious business. The dark and minimalist graphic, the pointed nose and pulled-in tail, and the name; THE STRATOS! You can imagine yourself ripping an AK line or base jumping out of a heli with this thing. And while The Stratos can take you into some spicy terrain, there’s a lot more than meets the eye here. You might find yourself reaching for this board on slushy spring days, or packing it in your bag as you hop on a plane to go score some Japow.

The truth about The Stratos is that it’s just plain fun! It’s got a directional rocker shape and a medium flex. A pulled-in sidecut means it’s super nimble edge to edge, and the spoon bevel in the nose and tail mean you can butter around to your heart’s content. The brand new Ultra Core is Jones’ lightest wood core yet, made up of a majority of Paulownia wood with Poplar added for stability and pop. Throw in the Power Sustainable Basalt Stringers and you have a board that’s very quickly going to become your daily driver. 

We can keep going; Sintered 9900 base, Traction Tech 3.0, Ultra Construction, a Textured Eco-Plastic Topsheet… Jones truly packed this puppy with everything they could, while maintaining a truly lively and approachable ride. If you were feeling a touch stale last season, it may be time to grab a Stratos and up your fun quotient into outer space!

ShapeRocker Original Price

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GNU Ravish C2 - Women's

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

If you’ve been smitten by the boards on this list so far, but are a bit intimidated by their price tags or aggressive features, the Gnu Ravish C2 Snowboard is going be right up your alley. An approachable, medium-soft flexing, all-mountain machine, the Ravish is ready to take your riding to the next level and beyond. And for well under $500 at that!

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. We’ve got an Eco-Sublimated Co-Ex Base, which is super durable and holds wax well. Less maintenance means less time off snow and less tip-toeing around early and late season. The Ravish has a mix of rocker and camber with a touch of taper thrown in. So if you want to start exploring off the trail this season without losing hardpack performance, this board has the perfect combination of features to do so. When that hardpack inevitably turns to ice, Magne-Traction serrated edges help you hold on and carve through your turns.

Rounding out the package, the Ravish has a G2 Eco Core made up of Aspen and Paulownia wood, with fiberglass reinforcement for strength and pop. Art by renowned snowboard photographer Tim Zimmerman adorns the top and bottom of this new GNU, making it as pretty as it is functional in all sorts of environments! It’s an easy choice to reach for the Ravish this season.

ShapeRocker Original Price

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Burton Feelgood - Women's

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

Snowboarding feels good. It just does, and it’s the primary reason we all do it. Yeah, it’s good exercise, you get to spend time in nature, and you meet and spend time with amazing people. These are all incredible things, but we wouldn’t do it if the root activity was so darn enjoyable. It’s doubly enjoyable when you feel comfortable and connected to your equipment, and by extension, the snow beneath your feet. If you demand lively, powerful, and predictable performance out of your boards, and you’ve been known to take a few park laps, the Burton Feelgood Snowboard is going to meet and exceed your needs.

The Burton Feelgood is tried and true, refined through many iterations by the famed pipe-rider and Olympian Kelly Clark. And just like Kelly, the Feelgood is classic tradition paired with technical progression. A directional twin shape (slightly longer nose than tail), true camber underfoot, and a Superfly II 700G Core mean this board is ready to take on any park feature or super-pipe you can throw at it. The Women’s Specific Triax Fiberglass layup means the ride is a touch more forgiving than its men’s counterpart, which, if you haven’t deduced by now, is the Burton Custom, profiled above. 

Speaking of feeling good, you don’t have to choose between feeling and looking good when it comes to this board! Burton worked with staff photographer Jesse Lynn Dawson to come up with something simple, clean, and that channels positive energy! Throw on a pair of Burton Bindings to take full advantage of The Channel Mounting system and you’re off to the races on the Feelgood!

ShapeRocker Original Price
Directional TwinCamber$579.95

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Arbor Cadence Rocker - Women's

Best 2021-2022 Snowboards

Feel the Rhythm! Feel the Rhyme! Get on up, it’s snowboard time! Wait, that’s not how it goes. Close enough though, especially if you are going to be on the Arbor Cadence Rocker Snowboard this season.  A truly beautiful offering from Arbor, this affordable and forgiving ride will have heads turning in the lift line!

The Cadence is a true twin snowboard meant for those seeking a playful ride or riders just finding their park legs. The full rocker profile means you’ll be catch-free on your in-runs and hella lifted on your presses, while Arbor’s exclusive Grip-Tech edges still let you lay down a solid carve. Even though the Cadence represents the lowest price-point on this list, there are still premium features. The Highland II core featuring paulownia wood and the high-end Sintered Base is nothing to scoff at. 

If you’re not already salivating, let us tickle your moral funnybones for a bit. A portion of sales from each Cadence go to the charity organization Boarding for Breast Cancer, an organization that has been doing good work for years to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and prevention. And this board is assembled in a facility that uses 100% Solar Energy. It uses sustainably harvested Ash Powerply in each unique topsheet. Just like all Arbor boards, the Cadence is finished off with a pro-level application of Wend Natural Wax! Phew, just grab one already before they sell out!

ShapeRocker Original Price
True TwinRocker$419.99

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