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The 6 Best Kids' Snowboard Boots of 2021-2022

As the new season approaches, it’s time to get your little one out on the slopes. A key part of any new season is ensuring you have the proper gear. The best kids' snowboard boots of 2022 allow your little one to feel comfortable while learning how to snowboard. If you’re in the market for new boots for your kid, check out this list of the 6 best kids' snowboard boots of the season.

Burton Grom Boa

Best 2021-2022 Kids Snowboard Boots

The Burton Grom is a snowboard boot that’s the perfect combination of easy-to-use AND comfortable. The Boa® Fit System makes getting your child into these snowboarding boots a breeze – and they’re easy to take off, too! A soft flex keeps them feeling comfortable on the mountain, and the room-to-grow footbed lets the boot size up as their little feet grow – so you won’t have to buy another pair of boots for at least a few seasons.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
BoaRoom-To-Grow™ Footbed$129.95

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Burton Mini Grom

The best 2021-2022 kids snowboard boots

For the tiniest riders who are still too small for the Grom, the Burton Mini Grom is the way to go. In the comfort of the Mini Grom, young shredders can get their first taste of riding without having their feet cramp up after an hour. Plus, Burton does away with the Boa for this tiny size, replacing it with three super easy-to-use hook and loop straps. Featuring a soft flex and room-to-grow footbed, this boot is designed to fit like a shoe (which means minimal break-in time) and keep growing with your kid all season long.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
VelcroRoom-To-Grow™ Footbed$79.95

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Union Cadet

The best 2021-2022 youth snowboard boots

From the moment their little feet touch the snow, it’s all over – they’re hooked on shredding and there’s no going back (for better or worse). The Union Cadet is loaded with performance and durability features that make it a natural choice for your growing shredder. The custom-flex profile leverages the easy adjustability of the boa fit system to allow your kid to crank up the stiffness once they’re pushing to a higher level. Overall, the Cadet is the perfect choice for kids looking to progress their skills, with a forgiving design that makes it ideal for learning the ropes or hitting the park.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
Boa & PowerstrapSkate Flex$179.95

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Vans Juvie Linerless

The best kids snowboard boots

The Vans Juvie Linerless is the perfect first step into a life of shred, without having to sacrifice warmth and comfort. The Juvie also features a Boa Coiler for quick, easy tightening and Vans’ signature V1 Waffle outsole for superior board feel and grip. The Juvie Linerless Snowboard Boots are designed with an integrated liner, which makes the flex super soft for progression and park performance, and gives the boots an intuitive skate shoe-like feel. If your kid likes to skate and wants to make the transition to the snow, this one is a sure thing.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
BoaV1 POPCUSH Footbed$129.95

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thirtytwo Youth Lashed Crab Grab Boa

The best 2022 kids snowboard boots

Yes, kids snowboarding boots can be a pain to put on. So why not make it easier? The Youth Lashed Crab Grab Boa from thirtytwo features a dial Boa closure system – so you can tighten your kid's boots with ease. Its soft flex and classic upper fit kids perfectly, while the Comfort Liner features plush foam that keeps them happy and comfortable all day long. The rad Crab Grab is a great way to get your little shredder out there riding with the whole crew.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
BoaHeat-moldable comfort liner$179.95

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Burton Concord Smalls

The best kids snowboard boots of 2021-2022

The Concord is the perfect balance of comfort, performance, and simplicity for little riders that are just learning how to rip. Featuring a Youth Imprint™Liner with Integrated Lacing, the Concord also has a DynoLITE™ outsole, which is light and flexible while providing great traction. The Concord Smalls features a super soft flex for a very forgiving ride and the ultimate ease of use while progressing on the slopes.

Lacing SystemFeatures Original Price
Quick-Pull LacesSleeping Bag Reflective Foil$179.95

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